Printing Tips

Tips for printing at a Copy Shop

If you don’t think your home printer is up to the task of printing out your files, you can personalize the pages you need, save them to a flash drive and take them to your local copy shop for printing.


  • Staples (except Canada – see below)
  • Office Max
  • Office Depot
  • Insource (in Canada)
  • Officeworks (in Australia)


  • Photo shops/photo labs such as Walmart, Walgreens, Costco, Target, CVS, Tesco etc – my templates are not JPG or photo files and cannot be printed as a photo.
  • Online photo print shops such as Overnight Prints, Vistaprint, Snapfish, Mpix, Shutterfly etc
  • Staples in Canada – customers have reported difficulties printing
  • Fedex/Kinkos – customers have reported difficulties printing.
  • Any professional printer that does not use Adobe Reader to print.

Tips for printing at home

For best results when printing at home follow these guidelines:

  • Choose a heavyweight Matte Photo Paper for best results & vibrant colors.
  • If your budget does not allow for photo paper, choose bright white Cardstock.
  • Print from Adobe Reader only (other PDF readers will often print out with weird colors!).
  • Check the level of ink in your cartridges (a simple step but one that many people forget!)
  • Select “Actual Size” under the Page Handling & Size option (this is the same as “None” under the Page Scaling option in earlier versions of Adobe Reader) unless you specifically want to print out items smaller. If you do wish to print smaller/larger you can adjust the Custom Scale setting to suit.
  • Select the best quality printing option from your Print Setup Dialog Box.
  • Select the “Letter/A4 – Borderless” option under your Page Settings Dialog Box – this will help print any full page designs right to the edge of the page.
  • If your colors do not print out as you were expecting, try selecting the “Print as Image” checkbox (found by clicking on the Advanced button – see a screenshot here for help).  Selecting this can help with color correction on some printers.

Color variations

The color that you see on your computer screen varies greatly from monitor to monitor. As such, there may be color variations from what you see on your screen to the printed product. Print quality and color also varies depending on which printer you use, the type of paper and printer settings.


  1. Laura says

    {FOR CANADIANS} In Source worked. It used to be Kinko’s, I believe, but our province doesn’t have kinko’s anymore. I believe In Source is only in Alberta (province) and Calgary and Edmonton (one store in each city)…so not a big chain. Not sure if other provinces have it. Here is the website in case you need for another Albertan –

    • says

      Hi Alicia, if the barcode is not printing at the bottom of your printable like in my sample images, it’s likely you have edited or are printing from a program other than Adobe Reader (such as Preview on a Mac, your Internet Browser or another program).

      My files will only work in Adobe Reader, so please check this first!
      ★ If you are a Mac user please see here for specific help.
      ★ If you are a Windows 8 user please see here for specific help.

      If you have any further problems you can also see my troubleshooting guide for quick resolution of common issues.

  2. Krystal French says

    Hi Simone,
    If I send my banner to Staples what is the best paper weight to use? And should I be using the basic copy option for the other templates as well?


    • says

      Hi Krystal, I recommend choosing the thickest paper your budget can allow for your banner – 110lbs (300gsm) is ideal. I am not sure what you mean by the basic copy option?

  3. Erica R. says

    Have you tired converting the pdf to a jpg? It would be so much more convenient to use Costco and so I was curious if anyone or yourself have used a converting software and tried changing it. Thanks.

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