Important info for MAC users

My Party Printables only work in Adobe Reader and NOT Mac’s default PDF viewer Preview. Double clicking on a PDF file will open it it in Preview even if you have Adobe Reader installed.

I recommend launching Adobe Reader and opening my files directly from Adobe Reader itself:

How to open files in Adobe Reader on your Mac

  1. Download Adobe Reader for free here and install it on your computer.
  2. Download a fresh/new copy of your templates and save them to your computer. To save the templates without them automatically opening in Preview: move your mouse over the download link, Control+click and then select “Download linked file”.
  3. Open Adobe Reader from your Applications folder.
  4. In Adobe Reader, click on File – Open.
  5. Navigate to the folder where you saved the downloaded files (usually your Downloads folder unless you chose a specific location) and select them
  6. Your files are now open in Adobe Reader!

How to set Adobe Reader as the default PDF viewer

If you use a lot of editable PDF files on your Mac I recommend you set Adobe Reader as the default PDF viewer. This way all PDF files are automatically opened in Adobe Reader instead of Preview. Here’s how:

▶  Don’t have Adobe Reader on your computer yet?

1. Download the Latest version of Adobe Reader (now called Adobe Acrobat Reader DC) and install it on your computer. It's free and you can get it here from Adobe's website.

2. Although you may have now installed the latest version of Adobe Reader, your Mac will still use “Preview” when you click on a PDF file UNLESS you change the default PDF reader from “Preview” to “Adobe Reader”. To make that change, follow the simple steps below:

(a) Move the Adobe Reader icon in your “Applications” folder to the “Dock” which is where all your program icons are located at the bottom of your desktop.

(b) Open Adobe Reader from the Dock.

(c) Using the File / Open menu in Adobe Reader, locate and open any PDF file that you have on your computer.

(d) You should then get the following message: “Adobe Reader is not currently configured to be the default application for pdf files. Would you like to make pdf files open with Adobe Reader instead of Preview?”

(e) Click “Yes”

▶  Already have Adobe Reader on your computer (but it’s not set as the default PDF viewer)?

1. Using Finder, locate any PDF file. Right-click (or Control-click) the PDF file and select ‘Get Info’ from the menu you’ve opened.

2. Under the heading ‘Open with,’ the current default application for opening PDF’s is listed (which will most likely be Preview). If there is no application listed you may need to click the triangle to the left of ‘Open with’ so that it points downward to reveal the current setting.

3. Click on the application list to open a drop-down menu displaying additional applications. In this menu locate the most recent version of Adobe Reader and select it.
If Adobe Reader is not listed you may not have it installed (check by selecting Other .... and navigating through your Applications folder to locate the icon for Adobe Reader - if you do find it, click to highlight it and then click the Add button).

4. Back in the information window click the ‘Change All’ button so that all subsequent PDF files will be opened by Adobe Reader

5. Click the Continue button to confirm that you’d like to change your settings. Now all PDF files will be opened by Adobe Reader.

If you wish to change your default PDF viewer back to Preview at a later date, you can follow the instructions above selecting Preview instead of Adobe Reader.


  1. Debra says

    I had 100% success with art studio ticket (downloading, editing, printing) and my daughter loved it!

    On the 4×6 cards I would like to change the type of font (and font size) because I want to use both upper and lower case letters. Using command E, I make my changes. All looks good, BUT then when I click anywhere outside of the box EVERYTHING CHANGES.
    Is there a way to use a different font with upper and lower case letters? Looking ahead I want to use 4×6, 5×7 and thank you cards in the comic sans font? THANK YOU.

    • says

      Hi Debra, It sounds like you were using Adobe Reader with the invitation, but have now opened your files in Preview – can you check? Don’t save any changes in Preview, close the file and open in Adobe Reader instead (see above instructions). Let me know if you have further issues.

    • says

      Hi Kimber, you need to install Adobe Reader first (click on the link in step 1 above). Then download your purchased files to your Mac and follow steps 2-6. Let me know if you have any problems doing this.

    • says

      Hi Laura, All my files are formatted to print on US Letter (or A4) size paper. To print on 5×7 paper, I will need to convert your invitation to a 5×7 JPG – you can send me your personalized and filled-in invitation for me to convert. Regards, Simone

  2. Unaiza says

    Dear Simone,

    I am unable to download the files…please help me as I need to work on them as soon s possible my sons birthday is just round the corner. everytime I try to download it stops in the middle and ask for a resume please please help!!! can you someone resend the links to me please?

    • says

      Hi Unaiza, sorry you are having problems with your download. I have just done a test download from your download links and cannot replicate your issue – the files download and open as normal on my Mac.

      Downloading issues can occur with slow or unstable internet connections. I notice you are in Pakistan so this may be the cause of your download error.

      As you are having trouble with the download I have just sent the files to you via email.

      • Unaiza says

        Dear Simone,

        Thanks a bunch it worked :) and my husband ad I love it and cant wait to start working on it. Love your work…keep it up :)
        just wanted to ask few things:
        1. how can we use the party circles/squares?
        2. What about favor bags
        3. do you have anything for the photo booth with the same theme
        thanks again
        Love Unaiza

        • says

          Great! You can use the Party Circles as Cupcake Toppers (see this tutorial here), Straw Decor, Small Food Labels, Jar Labels, Small Favor Tags, Garland + anything else your imagination allows. See the included Instructions for helpful tips on how to make them.

          I don’t have any printable favor bags in this collection, however you can use the Thank You / Favor Tags to attach to your purchased favor bags.

          Also, unfortunately I don’t have anything for a photo booth in this theme – sorry :(

    • says

      Hi Louise, as per the listing all files are formatted to print at US Letter (or A4) size, not larger. Please contact me for a quote on enlarging files.

  3. mehwish shaikh says

    Hi simone

    is there a way to save the invitation. as i want to attach as an image on Facebook event. and not actually send out physical invitation.

    please help

    thank you


  4. lisa douglass says

    i downloaded the basketball ticket and its printing in the blue and red instead of the orange and black

    • says

      Hi Lisa, if your file is printing in strange colors like yours it means that either:
      1. the file is open in Preview
      2. the file is currently open in Adobe Reader BUT has previously been opened and saved in Preview corrupting the file.

      Please download a fresh copy of the file and save it to your computer – then follow steps 1-6 above.

  5. Karen Clark says


    • says

      Hi Karen,  if you cannot bring up the Text Properties Toolbar (by pressing Command+E) when your cursor is on the Water Bottle wrap text, it means that either:  
      1.  the file is open in Preview
      2.  the file is currently open in Adobe Reader BUT has previously been opened and saved in Preview corrupting the file.

      Please download a fresh copy of the file and save it to your computer – then follow steps 1-6 above.

  6. Melissa says

     Is there are way to enlarge font or change the font? 

    thank you. I have purchased several packages from you and they are fantastic. 


    • says

      Hi Melissa, Most text fields will let you change the text size (either bigger or smaller) by highlighting the text in Adobe Reader and pressing Command+E. This will bring up the Text Properties Toolbar – you can change the the text size on that toolbar (if you end up with a little + sign in the bottom right of the text box, it means that your text size is too big – reduce the text size from the toolbar).

      A few text fields will automatically resize any text you type to fit the available space (you cannot manually change the text size in these fields). If you have problems typing spaces in these fields, please type without spaces and then use the arrow keys to move back and add the space.

      I don’t recommend changing the font – doing so will often affect the alignment of the text.

  7. Felissa Covin says

    I am excited to order these!!  Best ones I have found yet and I have been searching for a WEEK!!  Others make it so complicated to give them information for them to type and then I realize I may have left things out!!  NO THANK YOU!!!  This sounds so easy and PERFECT and exactly what I am looking for!!
    Questions:  Instead of a “happy birthday” banner can I get a banner that says “TREATMENTS”?  

    Felissa Covin

    • says

      Hi Felissa!  Sure – my banners are designed so that you can print off any message that you like.  They come on (usually) one single page which can be edited and printed multiple times to create custom messages.  You type in the first letters of your message “T” and “R” , print, and then type over those letters with the next letters in your message and reprint the page, and so-on.  Hope that helps! Simone

  8. Leah Parker says

    Thank you for your detailed instructions for downloading and for a great product!  I am so pleased with how easy it was to edit and love the invitations.

    Thank you!


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