Handy Craft Supplies

I am often asked about the craft supplies needed to print and assemble my Printable Collections. I have made a list here of the supplies that are handy to have in your crafting cupboard!


I recommend using basic bright white cardstock. 110lb weight (300gsm) is ideal for invitations and most other designs (unless a different paper type is specified in the instructions).

If you want to print with more vivid colors than is possible with regular cardstock, and if your budget will allow it, choose a heavyweight Matte Photo Paper. Photo paper prints out with much more vibrant colors than regular paper or cardstock.

Sticker/label paper:

If you plan on printing some designs on sticker label paper, I recommend purchasing full-page/full-sheet label paper (like these from Walmart). My designs are NOT formatted for any pre-cut or pre-formatted label paper. Once you print on the full sheet labels, you can trim out (or punch out) the designs.

Scissors, paper trimmer or guillotine:

If cutting straight lines with scissors is difficult for you, I recommend you invest in a paper trimmer or guillotine. I use a paper trimmer all the time and find it so much faster (and more accurate) than scissors when cutting lots of invitations! However if a paper trimmer is out of your budget, scissors will do the job! The paper trimmer I use is similar to this one from Walmart.

Hole punch:

A simple hole punch is useful for punching holes in Banners and thank you tags.

2″ Circular punch (optional):

I have a fiskars brand punch that I use for all my crafting needs. I use this punch to make cupcake toppers (see my Cupcake Topper tutorial here). If you do not have a 2″ punch, don’t worry – my 2″ party circles are designed so you can also use them 2.25″ squares instead.

Double sided tape or glue:

Some designs need to be stuck together with glue or tape. I prefer double sided tape as it cuts down on your waiting time and it seems to hold better than glue.

Coordinating ribbon or string:

If you will be printing off banners or thank you tags for your parties, it pays to have a ready supply of ribbon in some popular colors on hand – though black and white will suit most parties! I generally prefer thicker ribbon for banners and a thin ribbon for the thank you tags.

Lollipop sticks or toothpicks (optional):

You will need these if you wish to use the Party Circles as Cupcake Toppers. I like to use toothpicks for my cupcake toppers as I find I have them on hand all the time, however for a more polished look use 4″ lollipop sticks that you can find at Walmart or your local craft store.

Large lollipop sticks or skewers (optional):

Useful for displaying table decorations that are included in some of my Printable Collections. Find larger lollipop sticks or skewers again at Walmart or your local craft shop.

Paper scoring tool (optional):

You don’t need a scoring tool, however one may be useful for scoring fold lines to enable you to fold the paper more accurately. You can also run a very blunt knife along a ruler on the fold line. I use a super blunt knife to score & help me with my folds.

Ziploc, cello or paper bags (optional):

If you will be using the Favor/Treat Bag Toppers that are included in all of my full template packages, you will need to have some 6-6.5 inch wide or 4 inch wide ziploc, cello or paper bags. Check the details of each collection for the width you will need.  The 6.5 inch wide snack and sandwich Ziploc baggies are perfect for my 6.5 inch wide toppers.

Stapler & staples (optional):

Staple closed your Favor/Treat Bag Toppers!

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