Astronaut Training Party Invitations & Space Party Decorations

My new Space themed Astronaut Training Party Invitations & Space Party Decorations are out of this world!

Astronaut Training Party Invitations | Space Party Decorations | Theme Templates

Planning a Birthday Space Mission for your little space cadet? This collection of templates has you covered from the Invitation to Astronaut Training Passes, a Training Checklist and a Certificate on completion too!

Instantly download the templates now! Use the editable text feature to personalize the templates yourself at home using Adobe Reader. Simply open the file and start typing over my sample text. All the hard work has already been done for you!

Astronaut Training Birthday Party Invitation

These invitations from Mission Control are perfect to send out to your Junior Astronauts requesting their attendance at Astronaut Training. Don’t like my wording? No problems, you can change all of my sample wording to suit your party.

Each Invitation can be personalized to send to each Junior Astronaut too.

Astronaut Training Pass

Send these Astronaut Training Center passes out with the Invitations or give them to the kids as they enter Mission Control (aka your party)! These inserts fit easily into standard ID badges that you can find at most office supply stores like Staples.

Astronaut Training Party Activity Checklist

Let the Junior Astronauts check off each of their Training Activities once completed! You can change these activities to the ones that you will be having at your party simply by typing over the text – or just use these sample ones.

Rocket Ship Construction: The perfect ice breaking activity when kids arrive at the party. Set up a table with lots of toilet paper rolls or paper towel tubes, construction paper, star stickers, aluminum foil, glue, glitter, coloring pens etc Have a completed Rocket Ship model on hand for easy reference!

Lung Capacity Test: All Astronauts need a good set of lungs to help them breathe in the thin air of outer space. Test your Junior Astronauts to see if their lungs will pass! You could do this test a number of ways: Have the kids take a deep breath and blow slowly through a straw onto a plate of bubble mixture, slowly pulling the straw up as they are blowing. The bigger the resulting bubble, the stronger their lungs. You could also have them blow bubbles in a bucket of water – be prepared to get wet with this one! Or even try blowing the paper wrappers off straws (rip one end of the wrapper off first!).

Moon Rock Collection: Spray paint some rocks with glow in the dark, silver or fluoro green paint. Scatter the rocks around your party area ready for collection – just like a treasure hunt. Make sure to have some bags on hand to put the rocks in once found!

Space Race: Split into 2 teams. Give each team a pile of the same number of Moon Rocks that they have just collected (or some other intergalactic item). Tell the kids that since prolonged exposure to the moon rocks will cause their hands to blister/burn they need to use a large spoon or put on gloves and run to a bucket across the yard, dump them in and run back. The first team back with all their rocks in the bucket wins.

Shoot Aliens: Print off the Alien Face in this collection a number of times and attach to a wall. (see pic below) Use Nerf Guns or water pistols to ‘shoot’ the aliens. If using water pistols, laminate the Alien faces first!

Shoot Aliens game for space theme party

Hydration Station: After all that activity, young Astronauts need to refuel their bodies with Intergalactic water and special spacey food 🙂

Astronaut Training Certificate

Once all the Astronaut Training activities have been completed, send home this Certificate of Completion with your party favors. Each Certificate is easily personalized with your own words and you can include the name of each Junior Astronaut.

Space party printable banner | Template

Decorate your Space party with this printable banner. You can print off your own banner message by editing the letters on the banner pages. Have your banner say 3,2,1 Blast Off like in my picture, or Happy Birthday or whatever you like.

This Astronaut Training and Space Collection has lots more templates included too!

Download links to the Astronaut Training Party Invitations & Space Party Decorations will be emailed directly to your inbox and include ALL these templates:

  1. Space Invitations (5×7″) Choose from 2 options:
    Rocketship Invitations or Astronaut Training Party Invitations
  2. Astronaut Training Passes
  3. Astronaut Training Checklist (5×7″)
  4. Certificate on Completion of Astronaut Training (5×7″)
  5. Favor Tags / Thank You Tags
  6. Thank You Notes (4×6″)
  7. 2″ Party Circles (3 pages!) Use as Cupcake Toppers & more
  8. Cupcake Wrappers
  9. Food Labels, folding (or use as place cards)
  10. Small Water Bottle Labels (or use as napkin/treat wraps)
  11. Mini Candy Wrappers (fits Hersheys® Miniatures)
  12. Candy Bar wrapper (fits Hersheys® 1.55oz Chocolate Bar)
  13. Mini & Regular sized Snack Boxes
  14. Table Signs (5×7″)
  15. Welcome Sign (11×8.5″)
  16. Game/Party Signs (11×8.5″)
  17. 5 inch Banner (print your own banner message)
  18. Banner Spacers
  19. 6.5 inch wide Treat Bag Toppers
  20. 4 inch wide Treat Bag Toppers
  21. Green Alien Face for party decoration or party game (such as Shoot the Aliens!)

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Please note templates CANNOT be edited for color, size, graphics or backgrounds in any graphic design program. Templates will ONLY work in Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop (not on a mobile device).

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