Race Car Party Food Ideas – Spare Tire Snack Boxes

Race Car Party food ideas don’t get any better than these quick and easy Spare Tire Snack Boxes! Remember them from Coles Race Car Birthday Party?

race car party food ideas | spare tire snack boxes

I get a ton of requests for a tutorial on how to make these and also lots of questions about how easy they are to make.

The snack box templates (and the Spare Tire party food labels) are included in my Race Car Party Printables collection. You can instantly download the templates from HERE!

I have put together a little photo tutorial showing you each step involved in making them.

Race Car Party Food Ideas - Spare Tire Snack Boxes & Food Labels | DIY Templates for Race Car Birthday Party Theme

  1. Print off the page on a heavyweight Matte Photo Paper or Cardstock.
  2. Using scissors, cut out the snack boxes around the outlines.
  3. You will then have 2 flat boxes all trimmed out.
  4. Turn the paper over and place double sided tape towards the edge of both top flaps.
  5. Fold over the flaps on the dashed white lines.
  6. Your box will start taking shape once all 4 flaps have been folded.
  7. Pinch together the dashed white line at the base of the front of the snack box creating a fold.
  8. And then pinch the base of the back of the snack box to make the base.
  9. Peel off the back of the double-sided tape you had placed previously.
  10. Fold the front flaps over the back flaps and press to stick in place.
  11. Fill your Snack Boxes with Oreos as Spare Tires!

I was able to fit 4 Oreos in each mini Snack Box.

Want more Snack Boxes?

Race Car Party Food Ideas | Nuts and Bolts Snack Boxes

There is also these large Snack Boxes included in my Race Car Party Printables collection. These snack boxes are the perfect size to hold an individual portion of Nuts and Bolts! I used some pretzels, twisties and harvest chips that I found at my local supermarket.

You can also use these larger snack boxes to hold other Race Car Party food – such as brownies or popcorn.

The food labels are editable so you can type in your own food names – how easy is that!

Race Car Party Food Ideas | Printable Snack Box templates

I hope this has given you a few Race Car Party food ideas for your Race Car party!

You can find the templates for the snack boxes and food labels (plus 30 additional templates inclouding a Race Car Invitaiton) in my Race Car party Printables collection – purchase it in the shop HERE for only $12.50.

It’s also available in BLUE here.

Happy Partying!

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