Football Ticket Invitations and Party Decorations

A new collection of templates to hit my shop recently are these Football Ticket Invitations and Party Decorations. This collection was requested by a customer who wanted to use it for their tailgate parties.

Football Ticket Invitations and Party Decorations | Tailgate Party | Printable Templates

Similar to my Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and All Star collections, the Football Ticket Invitations are styled to resemble Football Game Tickets.

printable football ticket invitation & all star pass

All of the text that you can see on this invitation is able to be changed by you at home. You simply open the file in Adobe Reader and type over my sample text. Change it from a birthday party to a tailgate party!

There is no downloading of fonts or anything else as they are already embedded in the file – you just type away.

Make an impression with your invitations by sending them out with an All Star Pass. The passes are also included in this collection and you can personalize each one for every VIP guest that you have coming to your party!

printable football party banner

There are 29 pages of designs in this Football collection. One of which is the Banner above. You can print off any message you like on your banner – you just type in the first 2 letters of your message on the banner page, print off, then type in the next 2 letters of your banner and reprint – continue this until you have printed off your entire banner.

Use the Banner page with the football graphic at the beginning or end of your words (or to separate words).

printable football cupcake toppers

The cupcake toppers are a cute way to dress up your cupcakes! There are 2 pages included in this collection – you just personalize with your own name or age, print, and punch out with a 2 inch circular punch (see my tutorial for cupcake toppers for more details). Don’t have a craft punch? No worries – these can be used as 2.25″ squares as well, just trim out with scissors or a paper trimmer.

printable football thank you tags

Sending home party favors is easy with these Thank You tags. You personalize them with your own wording, print, trim and then attach to your favor bag with coordinating ribbon.

printable football thank you note

There are 2 options for your Thank You Notes in this collection. Both are sized 4×6 inches – the perfect size to attach a photo of the party to the back. You can type in your thank you message, or delete the text and encourage your child to handwrite their note.

printable football food buffet labels

The food buffet labels are incredibly versatile. Don’t just use them on your food table by typing in the food you will be serving, but use them as place cards too – just type over my text with the names of your guests.

There are lots more templates in this Football collection too!

Download links to the Football Ticket Invitations and Party Decorations will be emailed directly to your inbox and include ALL these templates:

  1. Football Ticket Invitations (3×7.5 inches)
  2. Football All-Star Passes, 2 sizes (3×4 inches & 2.2×3.4 inches)
  3. Thank You Notes (4×6 inches)
  4. Favor Tags / Thank You Tags
  5. 2 inch Cupcake Toppers
  6. Party Tags (3.5 x 3.35 inches)
  7. Party Tags (1 x 4 inches)
  8. Food Labels, folding (or use as Place/Name Cards)
  9. Small Water Bottle Labels (or use as Napkin or Treat wraps)
  10. Mini Choc Wrappers (fits Hersheys Miniatures)
  11. Candy Bar Wrappers (fits Hersheys 1.55oz Chocolate bars)
  12. Mini & Regular Snack Boxes
  13. Table Signs (5×7 inches)
  14. Football Field Place Mat (11×8.5 inches)
  15. Pennant Flag Decorations
  16. Football Table Decorations
  17. Welcome/Party/Game Signs (11×8.5 inches)
  18. Birthday Banner (5×7 inches) print your own banner message!
  19. Treat Bag Toppers (4 inch wide)
  20. Treat Bag Toppers (6.5 inch wide)
  21. Full sheets of patterned paper

Want to see more before purchasing? See all the details and more images HERE IN THE SHOP!

Please note templates CANNOT be edited for color, size, graphics or backgrounds in any graphic design program. Templates will ONLY work in Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop (not on a mobile device).

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