10 Super Superhero Birthday Ideas

Check out these 10 Awesome Superhero Party Ideas - SIMONEmadeit.com

Pow! Biff! Crash! Check out these 10 Awesome Superhero Birthday Ideas from Dylan and Olivia to help you throw your own Marvel(ous) Superhero Party!

1. Superhero Printable Party Backdrop

Superhero Party Table With Printable Backdrop

Set the party theme with a superhero printable party backdrop. Place it behind your party table for instant impact.

2. Hire A Superhero

Hire a Spiderman - SIMONEmadeit.com

Why not hire your very own Superhero for party fun and games?! Dylan and Olivia’s mum Nicole says: “Spiderman was hired through The Superhero Company. He was fantastic!”

3. Superhero Dress-Ups

Superhero Party Capes - SIMONEmadeit.com

Make sure you have superhero dress-ups on hand for all the party guests. Nicole has provided a big supply of superhero party capes for all the kids with their name tags attached.

4. Superhero Birthday Cake

Superhero Birthday Cake - SIMONEmadeit.com

I love how Nicole has keep the superhero birthday cake simple but added her own twist with superhero cake toppers. Perfect!

5. Superhero Party Games

Superfy Your Mask Party Game - Superhero Birthday Ideas - SIMONEmadeit.com

A party icebreaker such as “Superfy Your Mask” is a clever way to organise the kids with an activity they can do as soon as they get to the party. This will help alleviate boredom (and mischief) while waiting for other party guests to arrive.

6. Superhero Cupcakes

Superhero Cupcakes - SIMONEmadeit.com

Nicole has color-coordinated the superhero cupcakes to match the party theme and added cupcake toppers for a visual pop.

7. Rock Candy Kryptonite

Rock Candy Kryptonite - SIMONEmadeit.com

Make your own rock candy kryponite for the guests to enjoy using this very simple recipe.

8. Bulleseye Cookies

Bullseye Cookies - SIMONEmadeit.com

Bullseye cookies look amazing and are easy to prepare. Just use a basic sugar cookie dough, cut out the creative shapes before baking, and ice. A great tip is to print out images to use as templates in place of a cookie cutter to save money!

9. More Superhero Party Food Ideas

Marvel(ous) Fruit - SIMONEmadeit.com
Pop(corn) - SIMONEmadeit.com
Incr(edible) Hulk Jello - SIMONEmadeit.com

In addition to the the Marvel(ous) Fruit, Pop (corn) and Hulk Jello, Nicole also prepared: “Iron Man(icotti), The Fantastic Four Food Groups Salad, Robin’s Buns (it’s the tights), Dare Devil(ed) Eggs & Elektra(fying) Veggies.”

10. Superman Punch

Superman Punch - SIMONEmadeit.com

Treat all the party guests to some superman punch!

Happy partying!

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