AttenHUT!! Parker’s 8th Army Birthday

Would your little one like an Army Birthday Party? Check out all the details of Parker’s gorgeous 8th Army Birthday, sent in by Linda. I ♥︎ receiving photos from my clever customers!

Army Birthday Party via

Linda said about the party: “This was my son’s army/nerf party last year. This was a super fun party to do. I tried to name all the food Army names. The boys loved that. We asked that they dress in their best Army get up and bring their favorite Nerf gun and bullets and they were entertained. Easy and fun!”

Army Birthday via

Linda set up the food table as an Army Mess Hall.

Army Birthday Cake via

The camo Army Birthday Cake is amazing. I love the camo colored swirls on the inside of the cake!

Army Birthday Invitation via

Linda has customized my printable army invitation and then framed it to use as part of her party decorations. What a great idea!

Army Birthday Decorations via

A simple brown table cloth with camo accents looks very effective as Linda’s army party decorations. My printable party sign has been used as the table centerpiece.

Army Birthday Dog Tags via

Each party guest was given an army dog tag, army stickers, a camo cap, and ‘army water’ to complement the army birthday theme.

Army Party Decorations via

For army party food ideas, Linda has created yummy camo cupcakes, as well as ‘deadly bullets’ and ‘canon balls’. You can see my printable food tags on the table to let the guests know what was available to eat.

Army Party Games via

The kids were entertained for hours with their nurf gun games. Looks like fun!

Army Party Favors via

Finally all the happy army boot campers were sent home with army party favors. Linda has used my printable treat bag toppers with brown paper bags and string.

Thanks so much for sharing Parker’s Army Birthday party Linda! I hope that you can use some of Linda’s gorgeous army party ideas for your very own party!

All of my party printables are instant downloads and can be customized by you at home and then printed! How easy is that?! You can purchase my Army Party Printables for $12.50.

Happy Partying!

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