Ladybug Birthday Party Invitations & Decorations

Another new design in my shop is this cute editable Ladybug Birthday Party Invitations & Decorations collection.

Printable Ladybug Birthday Invitation & Party Decorations

This collection has an editable text feature that allows you to type your own text straight into the designs easily at home.

The font is already embedded in the files too. All you need to do is open the file in Adobe Reader and start typing over my sample text – how easy is that!

Printable Ladybug Invitation

These 5×7 inch Ladybug invitations are included in this collection. As with all the included designs, you personalize them at home with the birthday child’s name, age and party details.

Then print off as many copies of the invitation as you need.

Printable Pin the Spots on the Ladybug game

My favourite part of this collection is the “Pin the Spots on the Ladybug” game that is included!

This game is super easy to assemble: Print off the 4 pages that each contain a section of the ladybug and tape the Ladybug together at the back of the paper.

You then personalize the included Ladybug Spots with each child’s name, print and punch out the spots with a 2 inch punch (or cut with scissors). Tape the picture of the Ladybug to the wall at child-height and play!

Printable Ladybug Banner

Decorate your Ladybug Birthday party with this fun Banner. It comes on a single page, which can be edited and printed multiple times to create your own custom banner message.

Also included is a page of Banner Spacers which you can use at the beginning/end of your banner or to separate words (in the pic above, I have used the Spacers before and after the word “happy”)

Ladybug birthday party cupcake toppers

These cupcake toppers make it easy to decorate your birthday cupcakes with a Ladybug theme. Personalize them with your child’s name and age.

Ladybug birthday party water bottle labels

Plain water becomes Dew Droplets or Flower Nectar with these fun labels. You can also change the text on these to your own text too.

Ladybug birthday party food labels

Place these folding food labels on your party table. Use my sample ladybug themed food names or type in the name of the food you will be serving over my sample text.

You can use these as Placecards too just by typing in guest names instead of food.

Ladybug birthday party welcome sign

There are 2 5×7 inch signs and 2 full page signs included in this collection. Use them as welcome signs as in this image, game signs, table signs or just for decoration.

Need more signs? Easily type in new text and reprint as many times as you need.

ladybug printable Hersheys chocolate wrapper

This chocolate wrapper is another of my favorites. The wrappers fit Hersheys 1.55oz Chocolate Bars. You can personalize all of the text on these wrappers – even the Nutrition facts on the back – change them up to include some details about your birthday girl!

You can even change the text of the barcode to be any word you like!

Ladybug Birthday Party Candy Wrappers

There are also wrappers for Hersheys Miniatures. Again, you can change the text on these to your own words.

Ladybug Birthday Party Favors

Enclose the mini candy in a cello bag with the Treat Bag Topper and staple closed for an easy Ladybug Birthday Party Favor. Personalize the text on the toppers to suit your party.

ladybug birthday party favor tags

Sending home party favors has never been easier than with these Favor Tags. Simply edit with your child’s name and message, print, cut and attach to your favors.

LADYBUG birthday party thank you notes

After the party, you can send out these 4×6 Thank You Notes personalized with your own thank you message. Prefer to handwrithe your note? Just delete my sample text before printing.

There are lots more templates included in this Ladybug Birthday Party collection too!

Download links to the Ladybug Birthday Party Printables will be emailed directly to your inbox and include ALL these templates:

  1. Ladybug Invitations (5×7 inches)
  2. Wrap Around Envelope Labels
  3. Thank You Notes (4×6 inches)
  4. Favor Tags / Thank You Tags
  5. Pin the Dots on the Ladybug Game
  6. 2 inch Cupcake Toppers
  7. 5 inch Circles (use as a banner or table decoration)
  8. Party Tags (3.5 x 3.35 inches)
  9. Party Tags (1 x 4 inches)
  10. Food Labels, folding (or use as Place/Name Cards)
  11. Small Water Bottle Labels (or use as Napkin/Treat wraps)
  12. Mini Candy Wrappers (fits Hersheys Miniatures)
  13. Candy Bar Wrappers (fits Hersheys 1.55oz Chocolate bars)
  14. Table Signs (5×7 inches)
  15. Welcome/Party Sign (11×8.5 inches)
  16. Birthday Banner (5 inch squares) print your own banner message!)
  17. Treat Bag Toppers (4 inch wide)
  18. Treat Bag Toppers (6.5 inch wide)
  19. Full sheets of patterned paper

Want to see more before purchasing? View all the details & more images HERE IN MY SHOP!

Please note templates CANNOT be edited for color, size, graphics or backgrounds in any graphic design program. Templates will ONLY work in Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop (not on a mobile device).

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