Happy’s Campout Party

camping birthday party ideas

Welcome to Happy Camp! Kate’s son Happy recently turned 4 and Kate threw him an amazing Campout Party! Kate used my Camping Party Printables to help decorate her Campout Party. I love how she has used my printable banner as the backdrop to the party table. The water bottles look fantastic when they are all grouped together and labelled with my printable water bottle labels.

camping birthday party tents

What a great idea! Kate set up a number of tents in her yard for the kids – so colorful and fun. Just put together a simple wooden frame, throw over some colorful fabric pieces, and accessorize with bunting!

camping birthday party activities

There were lots of activities for the kids, including archery. Other Campout Party games include ghost stories, mining for gems, flashlight tag & an outdoor movie screening. I have also included a simple scavenger hunt with my Camping Party Printables which the kids will love!

camping birthday party activities

Kate also set up an Art Center where the kids painted cute bird feeders. These will make great party favors for the kids to take home.

camping birthday party signs

Some handmade trail signs are perfect Campout Party decor! Use them as part of the kids’ scavenger hunt as well!

Look at these amazing Campout Party cupcakes. Gorgeous!

I hope that you have plenty of Campout Party ideas! Thanks Kate for sharing Happy Camp with us!

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