Mall Scavenger Hunt Invitations & Party Decorations

Mall Scavenger Hunt Invitations & Party Decorations

My new Mall Scavenger Hunt Invitations & Party Decorations set is inspired by my 9 year old daughter.

She has missed celebrating her birthday with friends for the past 2 years, as her birthday falls in December and we head back home over the Christmas holidays.

Last year we hosted a Masterchef party in June instead of having a birthday party, and this year we have decided to hold a Mall Scavenger Hunt for her and her friends once school is out.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Invitations | Credit Card Invitations | Shopping Centre Scavenger Hunt

Unfortunately, my photos aren’t great, but the pink zebra Credit Card Invitation is styled the same as an actual credit card with the party time, date, month and year masquerading as the credit card number on the front of the card.

The editable text feature of this party collection allows you to type over my sample text with your own wording! This gives you the ability to personalize each Credit Card Invitation, so each guest receives an invitation with their own name on front. Name the bank after your birthday girl!

Your can also swap the Date and Month around so the Month is first to suit American standards too (in this picture I put the Date before the Month as this is how we do it in Australia)!

Use the back of the card to include all the scavenger hunt details (where to meet, pick up etc).

Credit Card Invitations | Mall Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

Cut slots in the included printable Activation Card and slide the Credit Card Invitations in before handing out. The Activation Steps are completely customizable (I have used them to include RSVP information that didn’t fit on the back of the Credit Card).

Thank You tag styled as a Receipt for a mall scavenger hunt

The Thank You tag that looks like a Receipt is probably my favourite part of this collection. Again, all the text on my sample can be customized by you at home to suit your party!

Mall Scavenger Hunt Printables

Also included are 5×7 inch cards for the Hunt Rules & Hunt Scoring and a full-sheet page for your Hunt Clues.

These come both blank (ready for you to type your own customized rules and clues) and also with sample rules and hunt clues for some inspiration.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Candy Bar Wrapper | Printable Template

Wrap 1.55oz Hersheys Candy Bars with these wrappers for an energy hit while out shopping! You can personalize both the text on the front and the Nutrition Facts on the back. You can even change the barcode.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Party Cupcake Toppers | Printable Template

Personalize these Cupcake Toppers with the birthday girl’s name and age. Then punch them out with a 2 inch circular punch, attach to a lollipop stick or toothpick and insert into your cupcakes.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Water Bottle Labels | Printable Template

Dress up your water bottles with these labels. Customize them by changing the text on them to your own wording.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Favors | Printable Template

Use the included Treat Bag Toppers and mini Candy Wrappers to make easy Party Favors.

Personalize both designs with your own text. Then wrap Hersheys Miniatures with the wrappers, place in a clear cello bag and enclose the top of the bag with the Bag Topper and staple closed.

There are loads more templates included in this Mall Scavenger Hunt Party collection too!

Download links to the Mall Scavenger Hunt Invitations & Party Decorations will be emailed directly to your inbox and include ALL these templates:

  1. Credit Card Invitations (& sized as an actual credit card)
  2. Credit Card Activation Instructions (just like you receive from the bank!)
  3. Envelope wrap around address labels
  4. Thank You Tags in the style of a Receipt
  5. Thank You Note Cards 4×6 inch
  6. Blank Hunt Clue Sheet 8.5×11 inch
  7. Blank Hunt Rules Card 7×5 inch
  8. Blank Hunt Score Card 7×5 inch
  9. 2″ Party Circles (use as Cupcake Toppers + more)
  10. 5″ Party Circles (use as table decoration or banner)
  11. Party Tags 1×4 inch
  12. Party Tags 3.5×3.25 inch
  13. Food Labels, folding (or use as place cards)
  14. Small Water Bottle Labels (or use as napkin/treat wraps)
  15. Candy Bar Wrappers (to fit Hershey® 1.55oz bars)
  16. Mini Candy Wrappers (to fit Hershey® Miniatures)
  17. Welcome/Party Signs 11×8.5 inch
  18. Banner (5 inch squares)
  19. Treat Bag Toppers 6.5 inch wide
  20. Treat Bag Toppers 4 inch wide
  21. Full sheets of patterned papers
  22. BONUS: sample Hunt Lists

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Please note templates CANNOT be edited for color, size, graphics or backgrounds in any graphic design program. Templates will ONLY work in Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop (not on a mobile device).

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