Real Party – Sam’s 4th Race Car Party

Race car birthday partyWhile I love to create party invitations and printable party decorations I may be the worst party planner/coordinator ever. I tend to leave things till the last minute and then panic. And then hide in my bedroom.


My little Sam turned 4 at the end of January and I decided to have his party 2 days after we returned from a holiday break.


Thankfully after watching the Cars Movie (and loving the flying cars), Sam was keen to have a Race Cars party and since I had already a Race Car printable party collection in my shop, I wasn’t letting him change his mind (which he did – lots of times – from Under the Sea to Pirates and Princesses, to just Princesses, to pretty much anything and everything).


Race Car Birthday InvitationThe invitations were sent out with a Pit Crew Pass.


Race Car Birthday Party trophy favorsPrior to our holiday I had already had some banners printed with the same graphics as my printables (waterproof banners are so cheap to get printed here in Vietnam – they only cost about $20 for both) and had picked up some trophies (again, a cheapish purchase from sports street in HCMC) for the little racers to take home. Half an hour and a hot glue gun later, the trophies were ready for the podium.


Race Car Birthday Party Cookie favorsSome car shaped cookies in cello bags with my printable Bag Toppers were sent home with the trophies as party favors.


Race car coloring in activityI found a great race car coloring page from the Coloring in Pages for Kids website. I typed over the numbers that were on the side of the cars with Sam’s name and printed it off at my local printer on their blueprint paper for a coloring in activity for the kids when they arrived (as well as some large Cars Movie coloring in pages).


The morning of the party I taped off the floor of our large lounge room and created a driving course test that the kids needed to pass to get their Drivers Licence. They went around the course using whatever ride-ons we already had – and had to show skills like reversing and parking in the designated areas.


I had previously printed a Drivers License (which is included in my Race Cars pack) for each child and I was planning to put a photo of each of the kids on their own driving license, but didn’t get around to it, so I borrowed some washable ink from Sam’s kindy and had each of the kids put their fingerprint on after they passed the Driving test.


Once they had their Drivers License, the kids raced little Hot Wheels cars down the racetrack that my husband taped together from some cheap plastic guttering from the local hardware store. This was a lot of fun – made more so by the silly string and snow-in-a-can (that I thought was silly string) that the kids sprayed onto the winning (and every other) car and, unfortunately, in a few unsuspecting eyes.


Race Cars Birthday Party Food TableCan’t finish this post without a few photos of the food – I found the cute idea for the chocolate Race Cars (and lots of other ideas) from the Speckled Freckle website. You will also find a lot of other race car party games and decoration ideas there as well (as well as for other party themes).


I should have had some more games to occupy the kids but, really (thankfully), they were happy to race the ride-ons up and down the street, get all hot and sweaty and get holes in their socks. One of the older kids did want to know when the big race was happening – and I did have plans to have some cardboard-box type cars that they could race…but that would have required me to be a little bit more organized!


View all the details of this Party Collection and purchase it here in my Shop!



  1. Love it Simone! I might use this one for my son’s 6th birthday.

  2. Lisa Amenya says:

    Playful party! I will book mark the page. Race Cars themed parties are always a favourite.

  3. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit, you did a fabulous job! I love those chocolate race cars and those personalized trophies are cleverness!

    • Thanks Dawn!  I loved the chocolate race cars too – though don’t think the 4year olds appreciated them (possibly it didn’t even register with them that they even were race cars – just chocolate!)

  4. This is a great party, and the table looks fantastic!

  5. Love it! Bought this one for my three year old and will copy your ideas as well. Thanks

  6. Fabulous! Just wish I had a boy so I could have one of these parties…. but will mention it to my sister as my newphew is car mad! :)

  7. You are amazing!! GREAT ideas!!!! Everything looks fantastic!!

  8. Super cute!!! Wish my guy was still into racing, his spy party was super cute thanks to you, tho!!!

  9. Wow- what a great party and that is coming from an Event Planner who loves a well planned event :)
    I cannot wait to share with you some pictures from my son’s camping party at the end of this month.. the invites were so cute and I have had such wonderful feedback which really should go to you since you created the template.

    Terry Kaye

    • Thanks Terry!  Really pleased that your camp invites worked out well – I look forward to seeing some pics when you put them up on your blog!

  10. Wow, the kids must had fun at the party. how creative you are!! Zain would love to have a party like this. BTW, did you move to another place from the last time when I was there? 

    • Hi Khad – yep we moved to another compound.  Love looking at all your pics and info about your new move too – seems a really interesting place!  Visiting anytime soon?

  11. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments :)  Unfortunately, we neglected in the mad rush that parties tend to be, to take any photos of the birthday boy!!

  12. Dude!!!  You are awesome.  Happy Belated to my little buddy Sam! (4???) xx

  13. You did it again…you are amazing!

  14. Where did you get the plastic inserts for the pit crew VIP pass’s?? … This came out great!!! Want to do this for my son 1st birthday in Oct :) 

  15. Can you tell me how you printed off the really large coloring page? I want to do this for my son’s 2nd birthday party and I have scoured the Internet looking for a place to buy a huge coloring sheet to tape to the wall. I would really appreciate your help!


    • Hi Candy, I used a printer that is able to print off large scale images. You can try Staples – they print off black and white at a large scale. Simone

  16. Hi, I was wondering what kind of guttering you used for the race track. I went to home depot and couldn’t find anything resembling your track. Can you please help. You’re ideas are great. Thanks.

    • Hi Dorothy,  Sorry – I have no idea what the kind of guttering is called :(  It is plastic and came with a kind of lid on it though if that helps any (we removed the lid part and didn’t use them).  I think It might be used to run cables through?  Sorry I can’t help more. Simone

      • Thanks Simone for getting back to me. I ended up finding insulation tubing and taped it together using duct tape with flames and checkers on it. The party is this weekend. I hope it turns out as well as yours. Dorothy

  17. Very nice blog post. I definitely appreciate this website.
    Continue the good work!

  18. I love all your ideas! I have a 2 year old who is going to be sooo excited!!!!

  19. Nice 

  20. Cool


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