Carnival Party Theme Printables, Invitations & Decorations

My popular Carnival Party Theme Printables, Invitations & Decorations template package is also available in 3 other color schemes (plus my original colorful theme)!

Each collection of templates includes all the same templates and features as my original collection – just in fresh color schemes. This means you get over 30 pages of themed templates!

They all have an editable text feature that allows you to instantly download and personalize your templates at home!

You simply open each template in the free Adobe Reader and start typing over my sample text. You don’t have to worry about downloading fonts as they are already embedded within the files.

Once you have personalized your templates, simply print & cut and you are ready for your carnival party!

1. Red and Aqua Carnival Party Theme

Circus or Carnival Party Theme Printables, Invitations & Decorations - Red & Aqua

First up is this Red and Aqua collection. See all the details of this collection here in the shop.

2. Pink and Aqua Carnival Party Theme

Circus or Carnival Party Theme Printables, Invitations & Decorations - Pink & Aqua

Also now available is this Pink and Aqua Collection. This one is perfect for the girls’ – see the details here.

2. Pink and Yellow Carnival Party Theme

circus or carnival party theme printables, invitations & decorations | pink yellow

Another new color scheme just for the girls is this pink and yellow collection. See all the details of this here in my shop.

4. Original Colorful Carnival Party Theme

Carnival Party Printable Templates - colorful | Invitations and Decorations

This is my original and most popular Carnival party theme – see all the details and more images right here.

What’s included in all these Carnival Party Theme Printables

Each collection features all of the following templates:

  1. Full Instructions
  2. Spinner Wheel Carnival Invitations option (5 x 5 inches)
  3. Regular Carnival Invitations option (5 x 7 inches if you don’t feel crafty enough to make the spinner wheel!)
  4. Favor Tags / Thank You Tags
  5. Thank You Notes (4 x 6 inches)
  6. Fortune Teller (also known as a Cootie Catcher)
  7. Answer cards for a “Kissing” booth (using Hershey’s Kisses)
  8. Admit One or Game Tickets
  9. Welcome Sign (11 x 8.5 inches)
  10. Concession Sign (11 x 8.5 inches)
  11. Game Signs (11 x 8.5 inches)
  12. Directional Signs (Arrows & fingers)
  13. 2 inch Party Circles (use as Cupcake Toppers + more)
  14. Cupcake Wrappers
  15. Folding Food Labels (or use as place cards)
  16. Mini & Regular sized Treat/Snack Boxes
  17. Small Water Bottle Labels (or use as napkin/treat wraps)
  18. Party Tags (3.5 x 3.35 inches)
  19. Candy bar wrapper (fits Hersheys® 1.55oz Chocolate Bar)
  20. “Concessions” Pennant Banner
  21. “Happy Birthday” Pennant Banner
  22. Pennant Banner – print your own custom message
  23. 6.5 inch wide Treat Bag Toppers
  24. 4 inch wide Treat Bag Toppers
  25. Patterned Papers


  1. Welcome Sign – Editable (11×17 inches + A3)
  2. Concessions Sign – Editable (11×17 inches + A3)
  3. 4 x Game Signs – Editable (11×17 inches + A3)
  4. 10 x Direction Arrows – Editable (2 per page – 11×17 inches + A3)
  5. “Step Right Up!” – Non-editable (36×48 inches + A0)
  6. “Come One, Come All!” – Non-editable (36×48 inches + A0)

Please note templates CANNOT be edited for color, size, graphics or backgrounds in any graphic design program. Templates will ONLY work in Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop (not on a mobile device).

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