Camping Tent Invitation – DIY Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is showing you how to assemble the Camping Tent invitation that is included in my Camping Printable Collection.

Firstly, download my Camping Printable Collection or just the Camping Tent Invitation and open the tent invitation file in the desktop version of Adobe Reader.

To personalize it with all your own party details, simply highlight my sample text and type in your own wording – see this short video for how to:

After personalizing it, your printed page will look something like this:

camping tent invitation

Now you will need to cut out the top and bottom sections of the tent invitation.

camping tent invitation tutorial

The cut marks on the page (the short black lines on the edges of the paper) are there to act as a guide – they show you where to line up your paper trimmer/guillotine.

camping tent invitation tutorial

Cut around the outlines of both sections.

camping tent invitation tutorial

Take the top section of the invitation and using scissors, cut along the middle line, only to the top of the line (not all the way up!).

camping tent invitation tutorial

Now, fold along the dashed lines. I recommend scoring along the dashed fold lines first if you can, this will help you create a cleaner fold line (if you don’t have a scoring tool, you can run a very blunt knife along a ruler) – but it’s not essential.

 to create the flaps of the tent

There you have created the flaps of the tent.

camping tent invitation tutorial

Turn the paper over and glue the outer area (not the flaps!) with a glue stick.

camping tent invitation tutorial

Now carefully place the top section on the bottom section so that all the edges line up.

camping tent invitation tutorial

And your Camping Tent Invitation is all finished!

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