Golf Par-Tee – Backyard DIY Mini Golf Inspiration!

The latest themes to hit my shop are my Boys Golf Par-Tee Collection and Girls Golf Par-tee Collection.

Designing these printable golf invitations and collections got me thinking about how cool it would be if you could create your own mini-golf course in your backyard. I specifically included some Numbered Hole Flags and Scorecards in the collections to help number and score your course!

I also found some websites with inexpensive and creative ideas to get you started!

This Pinterest board has lots of fun DIY mini-golf ideas to kickstart your planning and give you some inspiration for a basic layout for your course.

Family Time has a simple 3-hole course that you can create from inexpensive items or objects you might already have around the house. You can adapt the ideas here to create more holes too.

Golf Link has some tips and ideas to think about when you start creating your course. As does Do It Yourself.

Use portable golf holes using soda bottles, tape and markers (you can also use the printable Water bottle wrappers from my collection instead of the tape). Easily incorporate these ideas into your course.

Chasing Dreams while living the dream

Chasing Dreams while living the Dream shows you can set up a mini-course in your garage too.

Boys Life

Boys Life Magazine has some great mini-golf hole ideas. This image above is called the Maze and is rated as a Par 5! These holes look like they involve quite a bit more time and effort using 2-by-4’s, bricks and cinderblocks.

Good luck designing your course!

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