Lollipop Invitation Tutorial – New!

This new DIY Lollipop Invitation is now included in my popular Candyland Printable Collection.

printable lollipop invitation

It’s really easy to personalize and assemble. Firstly, take a look at my video tutorial on how to Personalize the Lollipop Invitation using Adobe Reader.

{I forgot to mention in the video that once you type your details into the first circle, the other circles on that page will update automatically with the same information, so you only need to type it in once}

After you print your personalized page of Front circles, print out the Back page of circles also. Then cut out all of the Front and Back circles – there are 4 Front circles and 4 Back circles per page. You will need to use a 4 inch circle cutter to cut the circles.

Don’t have a circle cutter? Me neither (it’s going to be my next craft purchase though!) – I actually used a vase that was a tiny bit smaller than 4 inches in diameter and just placed it on the circles, and cut around it with an exacto knife.

diy lollipop invitation supplies

Once your circles have been cut out, assemble the supplies you will need to create the Lollipop Invitations:

  • Front and Back circles
  • Large Lollipop Sticks – You will want AT MINIMUM a 4″ long stick. Think about how long you want your lollipop invite to be. If you think the 4″ size is too short, use a 6″ size (you can cut it down if too long). Lollipop sticks can be found in the cake decorating aisle of craft shops or even places like Walmart, or online at Amazon etc). If you choose a smaller sized lollipop stick, your finished invite might look a bit top heavy.
  • Coordinating ribbon to tie a pretty bow
  • Tape to tape down the lollipop stick
  • Glue stick or double sided tape to attach the Back circle to the Front.

lollipop invitation tutorial

Turn over the Front circle and tape the Lollipop stick to the back with the top of the stick almost half way up the circle (use a few pieces of tape if you are worried about the stick moving – you can also glue it if you wish).

Don’t forget to make sure your Lollipop stick aligns vertically with your text!

lollipop invitation tutorial

Glue (or use double sided tape) the Back circle

lollipop invitation tutorial

And gently attach the Back circle to the back of the Front circle, covering the lollipop stick – make sure the edges of the circles align properly and the pattern also aligns!  Don’t press too hard, as the lollipop stick will create indents in the paper!

lollipop invitation tutorial

Turn the Invitation over and tie a cute bow to the topmost part of the stick.  And there you have your Lollipop Invitation!

Want to get a bit more crafty?

lollipop invitation tutorial

Instead of attaching the 4 inch Back circle, you can cut out a large circle from colored cardstock and attach that to the back instead! In this image the pink colored cardstock is 4.5 inches in diameter.

Start creating your own Lollipop Invitations today!

Take a look at my Candyland Printable Collection in my shop! It’s only $12.95, includes this Invitation plus 32 pages of other designs to help decorate your Candyland/Lollipop Party, and is available as an Instant Download!

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