Secret Codes for Kids – Top Secret Messages

Looking for secret codes for kids? These 8 fun Codes & ciphers are perfect for kids and are one of my favorite printables!

There are 8 different codes as well as matching ciphers to help your Spy crack the code.

All the hard work has already been done for you. Instantly download the files, open them in Adobe Reader, type in your own Secret Message and it will automatically encrypt the message to match the corresponding Cipher card!

8 Awesome DIY Secret Codes for Kids - Type your own Top Secret message into the template and it will automatically encrypt to match the Cipher!  Great as Spy Party games or activities, for playdates or even in the school classroom as code breaking games $6.50 via

The 8 secret codes for kids include:

  1. Symbol Code
  2. Pigpen Code
  3. Cross Code Code
  4. Polybuis Grid Code
  5. Morse Code
  6. Mapping Decoder
  7. Reverse Alphabet Code
  8. Cut-Out Decoder
  9. Full Instructions

Each of the codes requires the kids to think differently to decipher or decode them. Some codes are well-known secret codes, while others are unique ones that I have come up with and created special fonts for.

The uses for these secret codes for kids are limited only to your imagination! I have used these codes at a Secret Agent / Spy Party as a code-breaking training activity and also at playdates for a fun treasure hunt (with each message leading to the next one).

I think they would also be perfect for teachers to use in the classroom for code-breaking games, or even as a random coded note for your kids!

The age range for these codes is around 8 – 12+ years. Children at the younger end of that range will need some help with some of the more difficult codes. Older kids can be challenged by letting them decide and choose the Cipher card that works for each code.

Reuse the codes over and over too. You can change the secret messages and print them out as many times as you like.

Or see all the details HERE IN THE SHOP!

Please note templates CANNOT be edited for color, size, graphics or backgrounds in any graphic design program. Templates will ONLY work in Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop (not on a mobile device).

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