Frequently Asked Questions


▶  What is a printable template?

Printable templates are digital PDF files. They have been designed with an editable text feature that allows you to type your own party details straight into the template using Adobe Reader.

Once you have typed in your details, simply print your template off. Once printed, use the provided trim marks as a guideline to cut out your designs and you will be ready to party!

▶  Will I receive anything in the mail?

No! Printable templates are digital files that are delivered electronically via instant download links. You will not receive any printed material.

▶  Do you take custom orders or have additional themes?

At present I am not accepting any custom orders - while I would love to be able to help with each request I receive, I just don't have the time :(

I am however constantly adding to my range of themes every month, so please do check back regularly.

▶  I don’t need every design in the collection – do you sell the designs individually?

I am currently in the process of adding individual designs to my shop - please take a look at the SHOP BY CATEGORY to the right. If you don't see the design you are looking for please check back shortly as I am continuing to add more every month.

Software Requirements

▶  Do I need any special software?

All you need is the FREE Adobe Reader on your computer! Most computers will already have this installed but check that you are using one of the latest versions.

The latest version is called "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" and you can download (or update your earlier version) for FREE quickly and easily here:

My editable templates will only work in Adobe Reader.

▶  Do your templates work on a MAC computer?

Yes! However, you will need to make sure that you open your templates in Adobe Reader and NOT in Preview (the default PDF viewer on a Mac). Mac users should follow my easy step-by-step instructions to set up Adobe Reader before purchase.

▶  Will they work on an iPad, iPhone, Smart phone etc?

No, my printable templates will not work on your mobile device. You will need to download, edit and print your templates from your laptop or computer.

Editing and Personalizing

▶  How do I personalize the templates?

To personalize your template, you simply open the PDF file in Adobe Reader and start typing over the sample text!

See how easy it is in this video tutorial showing how to edit one of my invitations.

▶  How do I know which areas of the document I can type in?

Once you open the document in Adobe Reader, text areas that you can type in will be highlighted with a grayish box. Any text in these shaded boxes is able to be edited.

These shaded boxes don't print out, they are just used as a guide to show you where the editable text fields are.

▶  How do I know all of my text will fit in?

Some of the text fields have been formatted so that any text you type will resize to fit the space available. In the other text fields, if you have a lot more – or less – text than the sample text, you are able to change the text size by accessing the Text Properties Toolbar. You will receive an Instructions file that details how to do this.

▶  Can I save any changes that I make?

Yes! You can save your changes so you can return to the file later to make further changes or to print off!

Simply click on File menu > Save As when in Adobe Reader.

▶  Can I change any of the graphics or colors in your templates?

No, Adobe Reader does not allow you to change any of the colors of the backgrounds or graphics. Additionally each template has security settings enabled so they cannot be opened in graphics design programs (such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc).

▶  Do I need to install any fonts?

No! All fonts that you see in my images are already embedded within the file - you simply open the file in Adobe Reader and start typing over my sample text!

▶  Can I insert a photo into the invitations?

No, my printable templates are not designed to include any photos.

Printing and Paper

▶  Can I print my file at a larger (poster) size?

No. Unless the listing specifically states that the template is already a large size, all my templates will only print at US Letter (8.5 x 11 inches) / A4 size.

If you would like to print files larger than that please contact me for a quote.

▶  How do I print the templates?

My printable templates are designed to print at home on your color printer.

Don't have one? Print them at a copy shop such as Staples, Officemax, Office Depot + Officeworks in Australia! Simply personalize and save the files you need printed and put them on a flash drive to take to your local copy shop.

Some places such as photo labs, Snapfish, Vistaprint etc cannot print my files - see my Printing Tips for more details.

▶  What kind of paper should I use?

Templates are formatted for US Letter sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches) but print perfectly on A4 sized paper too.

I recommend printing on full-page heavyweight Matte Photo Paper for best results. If that is out of your budget, choose a bright white Cardstock. 110lb (300gsm) weight is ideal for designs such as Invitations.

▶  How many times can I print the template?

You can print the template as many times as you like as long as it is for your own PERSONAL use.

▶  Do I have to print off the entire Collection all at once?

No, you can print individual pages of a Collection by scrolling through the template till you are on the page you wish to print, then select “Current Page” from the Print Range options in the Adobe Reader Print Dialog box.

You can also download the ZIP file of individual pages for each Collection - this file has all the templates saved as individual files.

▶  Can I email out the Invitations?

Yes, it's easy using the Print Screen function on your computer.  See my instructions on how to email out your invitations.

▶  Can I print at a Copy shop (like Staples etc)?

Sure can! Thousands of customers have printed their templates at copy shops like Staples, Office Max, Office Depot + Officeworks in Australia and they print beautifully. I recommend printing most designs on 110lb (300gsm) card stock. Remember to ask them to set their scaling to "None" (or "Actual Size") when printing.

If you wish to print at another printer, please check first to see if they can print files with security settings. Typically, Professional Printers will not be able to print my templates as they don’t accept files with any security settings.

Not sure if your local printer can print my editable templates? Send them a Free Party Printable to test!

See my Printing Tips for more information on places that can and cannot print my templates.

▶  Can I upload my template to a copy shop using their Online Uploader?

No, online uploaders do not work with my editable files (regardless of the security settings on the file). Fonts will revert back to standard fonts using these uploaders.

I recommend emailing or physically taking your files directly into your local copy shop to keep the fonts the same.

▶  Can I print the Invitations at a photo lab?

No, my printable templates are not JPG files and cannot be printed at a photo lab (or places like Snapfish or Vistaprint).

See my Printing Tips for my recommended printers.

▶  Will the template print exactly the same color that I see on my computer?

Generally you will see slight variations in the color of your printed template from what you can see on your computer screen.

This is because not only do the colors vary from monitor to monitor, but will also vary depending on the type of paper you choose, your printer and your printer settings.

For example printing on a laser printer (such as at a Copy shop like Staples etc) will result in darker colors than printing on a home ink-jet printer.

▶  Can I print on Avery label/sticker paper?

No, my templates aren’t formatted to print on any kind of pre-formatted or pre-cut label paper (there are just too many options out there). If you wish to print as stickers on label paper, please choose the full-page sticker/label paper and trim out the designs after printing.

Cutting and Assembling

▶  How long does it take to assemble?

This really depends on the template you are purchasing & how many guests you are inviting.

If you are purchasing a single template such as an Invitation, you could have them all ready to go within 10 minutes!

However, if you are purchasing a complete collection that has more than 20-30 templates included, please leave a couple of hours to personalize, print, trim and assemble your templates. Of course, if you have a lot of kids coming to your party your preparation time will also increase!

▶  What supplies will I need to cut and assemble the templates?

Please see my Handy Craft Supplies page for some suggestions of handy crafting supplies and tools.

Purchasing and Receiving

▶  What payment methods do you accept?

At present I accept payments via Paypal.

Don't have a Paypal account and want to pay with a Credit Card? You can! Choose the "Pay with my Credit or Debit Card" option on the Paypal payment screen - no Paypal account is required.

▶  How are the templates delivered?

Immediately after your payment has completed, you will automatically be returned to my Thank You page - DO NOT close your browser until you see my Thank You page!  Your download links will be listed on that page.

You will also receive an email shortly after purchase with your receipt number and a copy of the download links.

If you created an account during checkout (this is optional) you will also be able to access your downloads from Your Account page at any time.

▶  How many times can I download the templates?

Templates are available to download for an unlimited time period.

However, you can only download your templates a maximum of ten (10) times each. The maximum download limit is to prevent fraudulent file-sharing of my templates.

Remember, once you have downloaded your file please save it to a folder on your computer – this way you have access to it forever!

Help, Support and Troubleshooting

▶  I might need some help once I have received the file – what support do you offer?

Make sure you download your Instructions file. This will help you personalize, print and assemble your designs. The instructions are very detailed, but if you find you need some extra help or something is not working exactly the way you would like it to, then I am available to help in any way I can - please Contact me!

You can also visit my Troubleshooting page to quickly resolve common issues.

▶  I have purchased a template, but I am having some difficulties

Take a look through my Troubleshooting page to quickly resolve your issue!

▶  I have a question that isn’t answered here!

Please ask me your question in the comment field below and I will reply as soon as I can!

Terms of Use

▶  Can I forward the templates to my friends and family?

Please respect the time & effort it takes to create my templates and do not distribute the files to friends or family :) I would love you to refer them to my shop instead!

▶  Can I resell your printable templates?

Commercial Use and mass production are not permitted. You cannot resell my printable templates or the finished products.

Please see my full Terms of Use for more details.

▶  I am a Party Planner, can I buy your templates to use for my clients?

My printable templates are for PERSONAL use only.  Please do not purchase my templates for use in your party planning business.

You can see my full Terms of Use for more details.


  1. Christine says

    Hi Simone

    I’m super impressed by all the party themes you have but I couldn’t find one for my daughter’s birthday. Do you have an Alice in Wonderland or Mad Hatter tea party printable set?


  2. Trish says

    hi, for the tent camping templates, what size do the end up being? I’m just wondering what size envelope will they need for mailing? thanks!

  3. Ivette says

    I wanted to also let you know that these templates are amazing. I will definitely be using them often. This is such a great idea and very helpful. I can’t wait to start using them.

  4. Ivette says

    I haven’t purchased any templates but I want too and my question is if I purchase the templates from my work computer can I still use the templates at home on my computer?

    • says

      Hi Ivette, Yes you can download the files from any computer (not just the one you purchased from). Make sure to create an account during checkout (this is an optional step) so you can access the downloads from my website when you get home. Simone

  5. Cung says

    Hi Simone,
    I’ve purchased the ice cream template and have personalised the text on the invitations. I would like to save it as a JPEG soft copy so I can upload and invite friends over facebook.
    Can i save it as JPEG?

  6. Deb says

    Hi Simone,

    I would like to use your baseball ticket invite as place cards. Will I be able to type in individual guests’ names and table numbers on each ticket? On your tutorial it shows that when you edit a text box it automatically populates each ticket with the same info. I would like to be able to edit each ticket with a different name. Please let me know. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Deb, For the Baseball Ticket invitations, the information that you type into the first invitation will auto-fill into the other 2 invitations on the page, so you cannot type different table numbers or individual guest names on each one – sorry :(

  7. Fatima says

    Hi Simone,

    Great work! Keep it up

    I am an Arabic speaking and I wonder if the templates can support the Arabic text?


  8. Jessica Logan says

    Hi Simone,

    I have just one question, I would like to purchase the Knights Printables however the colours are completely the wrong shade for the other decorations. Is there any way if we emailed you a copy of one of the plates we are using you could change the colour on your PDF closer to the colours we are using?

    Thank you,


  9. Autumn says

    Hey there! I’ve been following your site for a long time now and
    finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Texas!
    Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent job!

  10. Isabelle says

    Hi!! I have used your race team for my son’s first b-day! It was amazing!! I was too last minute for his construction last year (I see that it was added not long after )

    I also see you added a lot of sports and was wondering if a hockey team might be available before november???


  11. Hannah says

    Can I download your Superhero pack in the UK? Are there any restrictions I need to be aware of? We’re having a comic/superhero theme wedding and your decoration pack would be ideal!

    • says

      Hi Hannah, Sounds like a fun wedding! You can buy and download my templates from anywhere in the world. My files are all formatted for US Letter sized paper, but they will also print perfectly on A4 (which you have in the UK and I use also!) – there are no regional restrictions :)

  12. Dee says

    I am interested in the Candyland collection and wanted to know how you get the paper cones to look so perfect? is this card stock or photo paper?

    • says

      Hi Dee – the cones in those photos were printed on Presentation paper (photo quality but thinner than photo paper), however I have also made them from cardstock – it depends on your preference.  

  13. Aly says

    Hi Simone
    I’m intersted on the train package but will use it for a baby shower

    do you include only the happy birthday letters for the banner or the complete abecedary? Can I modidy it to make it say It’s a boy! ?

    Thank You

    • says

      Hi Aly, My banners are designed so that you can print off any message that you like. They come on (usually) one single page which can be edited and printed multiple times to create custom messages. You print off (or save) the “H” and “A” and then type over those letters with the next letters in your message and reprint the page (or resave the page with a new name), and so-on. Hope that helps!

  14. Heidi says

    Hi there! I am interested in purchasing the superhero printable pack but had a question before I did (I checked the FAQ’s and couldn’t find the answer). I am going to be using it for a teacher appreciation lunch (teachers are our superheros) so I am not interested in any of the stuff that says “Happy Birthday”. Is all the text editable? For example on the party circles can I edit where it says “Happy Birthday” to say “You are our superhero” or something like that? Thanks in advance for your help!

  15. Pranusha says

    Hi there,
    Your printable packs look gorgeous. I am interested in purchasing your COWGIRL pack for my 2 daughters birthday party and I have a few questions before I go ahead and buy it. We have joint parties since their birthdays are just a day apart and before I purchase the pack I would like to know if I will be able to fit both their names and ages on the invitations? Will I be able to change the wording totally on the invite or are only certain parts editable? Will I be able to make banners with their names on it? And finally, is the Wanted poster also editable i.e. can I change the crimes the kids are wanted for?

    Thanks so much,

    • says

      Hi Pranusha,  If you let me know the names of your girls I will email you a sample of how the invitation would look with 2 names :)   The Cowgirl collection is entirely editable so you can change all my sample wording to your own (including different crimes etc).  My banners are designed so that you can print off any message that you like.  They come on (usually) one single page which can be edited and printed multiple times to create custom messages.  You print off the “H” and “A” and then type over those letters with the next letters in your message and reprint the page, and so-on. 

  16. lily says

    i have a question about the invitations..when i purchase the 9.95 carnival invitation iand you send me the link to print it i can print it out as many times as i want?

  17. missy says

    hi i’m doing a mall scavenger hunt for my birthday this year and I need some invitations and yours look really cool and I was wondering can you download the pack and if so how??

  18. Jennifer says

    Hi!  I love your designs.  I’m looking at your pink safari collection and am wondering if the design actually prints the animal prints or if I can use animal print paper?  Seems like it’d use an amazing amount of ink to print zebra stripes and such!  

    • says

      Hi Jennifer, when printing you must print on white paper only.  Text and other designs will not show up on patterned paper. If you are concerned about ink usage, try printing at a Copy shop – see my question above “Can I print at a Print/Copy shop (like Staples etc)?” for more info.

  19. Terra says

    Hi Simone, I was wondering if you can inset a picture onto any of the items that come in the packages? I’d like it for the thank you notes in particular for the Cowboy Theme Package.

  20. Naomi says

    Hi Simone, I’m from Israel and would like to personalise the circus carnival kit by typing in Hebrew. Is it possible? Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Naomi – Unfortunately, I don’t know if this collection will work in Hebrew as i don’t know if the fonts will work with the Hebrew characters – sorry :(  Also, in this collection there is some text in English (on the Invitation) that isn’t editable. Simone

  21. Chaisma Magdamo says

    Hello, i wanted to purchase the printable camouflage party supplies! I just need to know if i can use a sticker paper for those printable items? Let me know please thank u!

    • says

      Hi Chaisma,  Sure – you can print on sticker paper. My printables aren’t formatted for any precut sticker paper – I recommend that you print on full-page sticker paper and then trim the candy bars wrappers out.

  22. Kalicia says


    I LOVE the mall scavenger hunt package; however, I have a son. Is there anyway that you could edit the pink zebra to make it more 7 year old boy friendly? I would like all of the items just with a different graphic.

  23. Clare H says

    Hi. Can you tell me how much of the Carnival theme items are editable? We won’t have a kissing booth or fortune teller & were wondering whether we could change these signed to say, for example, Ring Toss and Toffee Apples? 


    • says

      Hi Clare, nearly all of the Carnival theme is editable :) You can change the names of your games to whatever you will be having at your Carnival.  The only parts that AREN’T are:-

      (1) Some text on the invitation (the words FUN, PRIZES, GAMES, FOOD & the standard text on the outer part of the base circle – see my step-by-step video/photo tutorial for the details)

      (2) Some text on the Fortune Teller (the words REVEAL YOUR FORTUNE HERE & the numbers – see my step-by-step video/photo tutorial for the details)

      (3) The text in the banners on the full page signs (the words WELCOME TO THE MAIN EVENT or STEP RIGHT UP). So, you can change the sample games in my images to your own games.

    • says

      HI Misty, Are you referring to the Superhero Backdrop that’s included in the Superhero Collection?  That file (as described in the listing) is 36×24 inches so you can print it at that size.  

  24. Melvin David says

    Hi. I’m from Malaysia. I always print all my printables in a print shop. When I send invites or stuffs there they would always ask for higher resolution copy. So can I get the higher resolution copy? And can I know the difference between a print shop n a photo lab.

    • says

      Hi Melvin,  My files are vector files so can be printed to the highest quality at any scale.  Please note, however, that due to the security settings that I have on my files you cannot print them at a larger size than US Letter (or A4).  Please contact me for a custom quote if you wish to print at larger sizes.

      A print shop is one that prints PDF files on US Letter (or A4) cardstock – a photo lab prints JPG files at regular photo sizes.   Please see my info about recommended print shops for further info.

  25. DENISE says


  26. Danielle says

    Hi Simone,

    I am using the pale pink stripes party circles and squares to make cupcake toppers. When I edit the strip designs to have either a 1 or an A in it, they are positioned towards the bottom of the square and there is a tiny plus symbol on the bottom right hand corner where the edit box would be. Is there any way to edit so the positioning is more centred vertically? And how do I get rid of this plus symbol? Thanks in advance! Danielle ps they are beautifully amazing!!!!

    • says

      Hi, Here is couple of things to check: – firstly check your font size (it might be too large), secondly check that you are using Adobe Reader only (my files won’t work in other programs).

      • Danielle says

        I was using Adobe.. Turns out the font I wanted was too big which made the alignment look wrong and put that little plus symbol there. Smaller font was all it needed! Thanks heaps for your prompt response!!

  27. Kim Udoji says

    I am interested in the small scavenger hunt party pack. What is the best way to make the credit cards look as real as possible?

    Is there a way to print the information that is on the back of the card, on the back of the page (2 sided printing)? Because from what I read I think you have to fold the card in half and if that’s the case how do you suggest to make it look like it’s not folded and actually on the back of the same sheet?

    • says

      Hi Kim, the credit card invitations cannot be printed as 2 sided printing (i.e. front to back) – they are designed to be printed on one page, trimmed out and folded over.  I recommend printing these on a medium weight photo paper – check that the paper you will be using doesn’t ‘crack’ when folding.

  28. Jana says

    can all fields be edited or just certain ones?  ex. on the tags that say “Camp Fitzgerald” “thanks for visiting,” can both of those fields be edited?

  29. Kelsey Fleming says

    hi simone i live in the uk and was wondering if you could tell me the price in brittish pounds many thanks kelsey x

    • says

      Hi Kelsey, As all prices on this website are in US$, it will depend on the exchange rate your bank/paypal use at the time of purchase – you can check the daily rates using online exchange rate calculators like Currency Converter.  

  30. Brooke says

    I have ordered from you before and loved everything about it!!   So i really want to order from you again… But Im looking for a Lizard/Reptile package.  I just thought it was worth asking if you had one laying around :) ?   

  31. Shweta says

    To add to my last question: i live in India. We don’t have any of the print shops you mentioned and honestly my home printer will scream and die if i print these on it. Since you suggest using card stock paper can i get this printed from a place which can print photos? Would that work?

    • says

      Unfortunately, photo labs cannot print my collections as they are not JPG files (they are PDF files).  I would recommend that you download and trial one of my free printables (such as the Pale Pink Stripes) and see if any of your local copy shops can print it.

  32. Shweta says

    Hi Simone
    I want to buy the airplane themed luau party invites pack. If i have to print it for say twenty guests, would it be possible to save it as separate files using the Save As option after i enter each guests name in?
    Also you have mentioned above that photos can’t be added. However in the airplane theme luau….. The passport has a picture placeholder. So can i add my daughters picture there?

    • says

      Hi, You will receive a download link to a zip file that includes each page of the collection saved as an individual file.  For the Luau Boarding Pass collection you can save each page of 3 invites as many times as you like with the different guests names.  Photos can’t be digitally inserted, however you can manually attach/glue a photo in the passport picture spot (or leave it blank with the graphic showing there).  Hope that helps!

  33. Allison says

    Hi! I’m about to purchase your “Under the Sea” party set. It’s for my baby boy’s 1st b-day and I wanted to put all of his pictures up on the wall with a sort of frame for each month. Just something like a sea creature on top and the month on bottom. Do you have anything like that? Even if it was separate toppers & bottoms that I could cut then just place the picture between them… I’ll pay extra of course!

    • says

      Hi Allison, thanks for your enquiry – unfortunately, I’m not taking on any custom work at the moment – sorry :( You could use the patterned paper included in the Under the Sea Collection as a matting (or background) for your photos :) 

  34. JLP says

    regarding the carnival directional sign, can you tell me the dimensions of each sign? Does your pdf have directions on how to put it together?

    • says

      Hi  Each arrow in the carnival directional sign is approx 10.3 x 3.5 inches.  You type in your own wording using Adobe Reader, print off and then trim out with scissors or a paper trimmer.  You can then attach to a rod with either hot glue or double sided tape. Instructions are included.

  35. Maria says

    Hi Simone! I’m planning to purchase the Superhero Party Pack but I have one question before I do so :) Do you have any idea as far as how much it would cost to print everything at Staples (just as it in the pack and nothing more). My printer currently broke down and I’m just afraid that I’ll pay tons if I have it printed outside.I’m trying to save money as much as I could.Please help and thank you!

    • says

      Hi Maria, It really depends on how many kids you have coming to the party (as that determines how many of a lot of the designs you will print). The last image on the listing page shows you the designs you will receive and how many of each are on each page – please take a look at that to see how many of each page you will need to print off. Simone

  36. Tina says

    Hello am  doing a  babyshower a  Paris  babyshower  theme  ..  Can I  change  the  wording  on  the  Invitation    from  happy  birthday   to  babyshower  ?? 

    • says

      Hi Tina, yes you can change the wording in the Paris Collection – so you can change birhday references to baby shower text.  UNFORTUNATELY, the Postage Stamp on the Post Card invitation (and on some other designs) has Joyeaux Anniversaire (Happy Birthday) on it and this particular text cannot be changed :(

  37. Jessica says

    I am wanting to purchase the Carnival pack for my twin’s birthday.  Can you tell me what size envelopes to use and where to buy them?

    • says

      Hi Jessica,  There are 2 different invitations in my Carnival Collection. The Spinner Wheel invitation is 5×5 inches (choose a square envelope sized 5.25 x 5.25 inches or larger) and the regular invitation is 5×7 inches (choose an A7 envelope).  

      You can find these envelopes online at somewhere like Paper-Source or Amazon or

  38. Selena says

    Hi Simone,
    Can you customize the text in different fonts? If not is it possible to get this feature for an additional cost?

    • says

      Hi Selena, some fields in the collections allow you to change the fonts, but not all.  I have no plans to offer this as an additional feature, sorry. Simone 

  39. Becky says


    I purchased the baseball party pack and I’m so excited to use it for my son’s 5th birthday party in a couple of weeks.  I was curious–would you happen to be working on an owl-theme birthday party pack for a girl?  Hint Hint…looking for my daughter’s 1st birthday in September!  Just curious!

  40. Nikki says

    I am curious how, if I were to purchase, how would I mail the invitations out? Is there a specific sized envelope that would fit the invitations correctly? 

      • Nikki says

        The birthday party in Paris collection? And also, for that collection, is it at all customizable for invitation colors?

        • says

          You cannot change any colors or graphics in any of my collections – you can only enter your own wording in the highlighted text fields.  

          The Post Card in the Paris collection is sized 4×6 inches.  If you choose to send it out in the included Folio (with the boarding pass and passport) the finished size is approx 4.7 x 6.6 inches.  You would need to find an envelope to fit that size.

  41. Toni MArtin says

    I’m interested in purchasing the All Star Party Pack.  My event is a baby shower.  Will this package still work for me?

    • says

      Hi Toni, this collection has editable text so you can change the text to suit your event (switching out any birthday reference to a shower).  Simone

  42. Krystal Harrell says

    Hi I was wondering if you would have any extra time?? I am looking for Minnie Mouse for my daughters 4 th birthday in July.. 
    Thank You

    • says

      Hi Alisha, there is one page of invitations in the Mall Scavenger Hunt collection – with 4 invites per page.  You print off as many pages as you need (i.e. for 20 invitations, you will need to print the page 5 times – changing the name on each credit card before you print). 

  43. Jaime Furlong says

    Hi Simone, 

                    i am having a mall scavenger hunt party for my 13th, and i wanted to confirm if or if not the credit card invitations are paper, or plastic like real ones. 


    • says

      Hi Jaime, Happy birthday!  The invitations are paper – you print them out on your own printer (or send to Staples etc) so you will need to print them on paper/card.  Have a great party!

  44. Tina McMillan says

    I am going to purchase the carnival party pack when I get home. We are in love with the spinner wheel invitation and are having a carnival party for my grandson’s 5th birthday. My daughter is wanting to make the invitations bigger than 5×5 if possible. Is there a way to make it bigger by making the back part of the spinner on one page and the front part on a separate page? Thank you for your help in advance and also for providing this great service! :)

    • says

      Tina, unfortunately Adobe Reader doesn’t allow you to alter the size of the invitations or make them bigger.  You will only be able to print out at the 5×5 inches size.

  45. Kira says

    I am in a serious time crunch. I want to purchase your package but I just have a question is everything printable and tell you exactly where to fold and does it also give you step by step. Do you also have napkin holders? My party is Saturday.

    • says

      Hi Kira, Everything in my collections is printable – you print off as many of each page as you need.  You will receive detailed instructions that can help you with each of the designs as well as cut lines and fold lines on the designs themselves.  Take a look at this free printable to see how I set them up. Simone

  46. Barbara Silverbush says

    Hi Simone,
    I wanted to purchase your race car theme for my son’s birthday, but I was thinking of asking my sister-in-law to print it for me since she has a color printer (mine isn’t very good and it is currently out of ink). Can I email the file to her to print? Or if I decide to have Staples print it, what type of a file do I give them?

    • says

      Hi Barbara,  Yes – once you have downloaded the file, made your edits, and saved it to a folder on your own computer, you can email it out as an attachment just like a regular PDF file.  Just make sure your sister-in-law opens, edits and prints it from Adobe Reader on her computer!

      If printing at Staples, you can save to a flash drive / USB (or email to your local center).

  47. Annita says

    Thx for that Simone. The tutorial shows that you an print 4 circles on each page. Is this the same for the A4 sized paper? How big is each individual invite then?

    • says

      Yes, the Candyland lollipop invitation will print 4 circles per page on A4 paper as well.  Each circle is 4 inches in diameter ~ so that will be the size of your invitation, plus the length of your lollipop stick.

    • says

      Hi Annita, All of my printables are formatted to print on US Letter sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches) .  You then trim out each of the designs once printed.  You can also print on A4 size paper if you don’t have access to US Letter size. Please see the Printing and Paper section above for all Paper and Printing questions.

  48. Jean says

    Is it possible to save the PDF files into a USB/flash drive?
    The copy place where I plan to have it printed only accepts PDF files via flash drive.


    • says

      Hi Jean, yes you can save the files onto a USB/flash drive.  You can save the files as you would any normal PDF file. Please see the question above “Can I print at a Print/Copy Shop” under the Paper and Printing section for more info about sending out to print.

  49. ekela says

    hi i am throwing a huge candyland theame bday party for my 3 kids. i see you have a candyland party pack for sale here, i was wondering if you may be able to make a party pack with the same items included with the candyland charcters and game theame, it would really help me out. i tryed figureing out how to make thease things myself and have had no luck. its too hard for me. please email me back asap. thanks ekela

  50. Kimm says

    Hi Simone,
    I am looking at ordering the soccer pack for my twin sons’ birthday.  Was wondering if the part that says “is turning 10” can be edited to “are turning 10”?


    • says

      Hi Kimm, Yes sure!  All of the text can be changed in this collection to your own wording. However, the invitation in this collection may not be able to fit both names in the space available. Make a note during checkout and I would be happy to send you a new invitation (within 24 hours after purchase) that can accommodate 2 names. Simone

  51. Simone says

    Hi Simone,
    I was looking at your mall scavenger hunt invitations for girls. I would like to know how many invitations you get in one package. There will probably be 20+ girls.

      • says

        Hi Simone, Ellie’s right – you can print off as many invites as you need.  There are 4 invites to a page, so you type in your party information to the first invite (this will automatically update in the other 3) and then type in the first 4 guest names.  Print off.  Now, type in the next 4 guest names and print off.  Do this for as many guests as you have coming.  

        If you will be sending out to a print/copy shop, you can click on the download link to ZIP file of Individual pages and save the invite page as many times as you need with the different names in it.

  52. Samantha says

    On the credit card part of the mall scavenger hunt package are the cards really activated with money and what do you mean by activated?

    • says

      Hi Samantha, No the credit cards aren’t activated with money.  The Activation Instructions are just a fun way for RSVPing – the idea is that the cards are delivered with the Activation Instructions that tell the guests to ‘activate’ their cards (or RSVP) by calling a Party Hotline (the RSVP phone number).  Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    • says

      Hi Abby, Yes!  On purchase you receive download links to your Printable Collection + Instructions.  You download and save the files to your computer, edit them and save your changes. You can then email the file to another computer or transfer using a USB/Flash Drive just like any file.  Remember that you must have Adobe Reader running on any computer that you open the files on :)

  53. Lauren Zamanu says

    Hi,  i want to buy the movie printables byt it’s not for a birthday party.  Will I be edit all of the text that refers to birthday?  Thank you

    • says

      Hi Lauren, Sure!  You can change my sample text to your own wording, so you can delete any reference to Birthday and type in something else!  The only wording in this collection that cannot be changed is the ‘Production, Scene, Location, Director, Time and Date’ text on the Invitation, everything else can be changed.

  54. Stacey says

    I am looking at the Pirates and Princesses pack – what format do the “logos” come in and when you say logos are you talking about the little pirate and princess icons that are in the circles on the invitations? Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Stacey,  The ‘logos’ in the Pirate and Princess pack is the page of 1.5inch squares with the Skull and Crowns in circles.  You can use them as squares (like for straw decor etc) or punch them out with a 1inch circular punch.  Let me know if you have any more questions!

  55. Teresa says

    Hi Simone,
    I am looking at the zoo/safari themes you have & am wondering what the paper ‘cones’ are for? I want to make sure I can find a use for all of the items you have available but I am stumped on those..
    Thanks, Teresa

    • says

      Hi Marquita, Adobe Reader does not allow for you, the customer, to change any colors (you will only be able to type in your own text into the editable text fields) and unfortunately I am not taking on any custom work or color changes at present – sorry.

  56. Meghan says

    Hi Simone-  I am was wondering the best approach on how to print out the address labels. Do I need a certain type of label paper?  


    • says

      Hi Meghan, The labels aren’t formatted for any precut label paper. Use full page label paper and then simply trim the labels out with a paper trimmer (or scissors).

  57. Miri says

    These look awesome!  Just bought the Princess & Pirate pack- You just saved me HOURS of my own design work and buying stuff from a party store!!  awesome idea to sell these!!  Thanks!  Will definitely be back in the fall for the next party !  😉

  58. Lynn says

    Hi. I just wanted to confirm, I will need a color printer to print in the colors offered, right?
    Thank you!

  59. Angela Anaya says

    Hello Simone,

    As I do not have a color printer, I will need to take the party pack to a print shop to print it off.  Is there any way I can create all the invitations prior to going to the print shop?

    Thank you,

    • says

      Hi Angela, Yes, you can edit your invitation and then save the file before taking it to a printer shop.  See my FAQ’s above for more info about taking these files to the printers.

  60. Melissa McCord says

    Hi Simone!
    We had my son’s dino party in October and your printable package was wonderful! Everything we needed and more!!!! We are having a monster party for my middle son and I was wondering if you do custom orders? I love to have you design something if so!

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