Spy Party Printables

Spy Party Printables | Spy Birthday Party Theme invitations & decorations
This unique Invitation invites your Secret Agents to a Top Secret Mission! Personalize your Top Secret Birthday Mission with your own wording. Type in your own Secret Password that will automatically be encoded to match the included Secret Password Cipher! Finally ask your agents to memorize and demonstrate the included Secret Handshake before they will be allowed entry to Secret Agent Headquarters (aka your party!).Print off these Fingerprint cards ready for your Agents to be fingerprinted and registered on entry to Headquarters. Just be sure to have washable ink and wipes on hand!Create ID cards for each of your Secret Agents. You have 2 choices of ID cards available in this collection - one with a space for a photo to be attached after printing, and one with no photo. Mustache disguises or photo props!Easily decorate your cupcakes with these Cupcake Topppers. Personalize with the birthday child's name and age.Get your spies to tell the truth with some Truth Serum! Dress up your water bottles with these wrappers. You can also change the text and use them as Napkin Rings or even Treat Wraps.Wrap up some Hersheys Miniature Chocolates with these mini choc wrappers.There is a text field on these Thank You Notes that allows you to type in your Thank You message. Or, if you prefer, leave blank and handwrite your note.These 4 inch wide toppers are fun and easy way to package your party favors. Simply place favors in a cello or paper bag, enclose the bag in the Topper and staple closed.You receive all these designs! (click on the X in the top right corner to enlarge)

The complete birthday party collection for your James Bond! My Spy Party Printables include everything you need for a Secret Agent or Spy birthday party.

The Spy invitations come with sample text that you customize. Type in your own Secret Password. It will automatically match the Secret Password Cipher as you type! Ask your guests to learn the included Secret Handshake before arrival too.

Also includes a sample Top Secret Mission (fully customize the text or just tweak my sample), Fingerprint cards, ID Badges, Mustache props and LOADS more!

Instantly download and personalize the templates at home using the editable text feature. Just open them in Adobe Reader and type over my sample text. Edit & print as many times as you like.

On purchase, immediately receive download links to your multi-page PDF file that includes ALL of the following designs:

  1. Spy Invitations (5 x 7″) Personalize for each guest!
  2. Secret Password Cipher Cards (5 x 7″)
  3. Secret Handshake Cards (5 x 7″)
  4. Address Labels
  5. ID Badge insert (3.4 x 2.2″) With space for photo
  6. ID Badge insert (3.4 x 2.2″) No photo
  7. Fingerprint Card (7 x 3.25″)
  8. Top Secret Mission Document (8.5 x 11″)
  9. Thank You Tags
  10. Thank You Note Cards (4 x 6″)
  11. 2″ Party Circles (use as Cupcake Toppers + more)
  12. Top Secret Labels (4 x 1″)
  13. Cupcake Wrappers
  14. Food Labels, folding (or use as Place Cards)
  15. Small Water Bottle Labels (or use as Napkin/Treat Wraps)
  16. Mini Candy Wrappers (to fit Hershey® Miniatures)
  17. Paper Cone
  18. Party Tags (3.4 x 2.2″) ID Badge size
  19. Table Signs (5 x 7″)
  20. Welcome Sign (11 x 8.5″)
  21. Mission Sign (11 x 8.5″)
  22. Pennant Banner (you print off your own banner message!)
  23. Mustache Disguise Props
  24. 4 inch Treat Bag Toppers
  25. 6 inch Treat Bag Toppers
  26. Full sheets of patterned papers


Simply open in Adobe Reader and start typing over my sample text! Save any changes you make for further editing later or to print off.

The Spy Party Printables will ONLY work in Adobe Reader! Make sure you have the latest version. Download it for FREE at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

→ Mac Users can see simple step-by-step instructions here.
→ Windows 8 Users can see simple step-by-step instructions here.

You cannot change fonts, colors, graphics or their placement. You can only type into existing text fields.

You cannot edit on an iPad, iPhone or other mobile tablet/device.


Print on your home color printer OR at your local Copy shop (Office Max, Staples, Office Depot, Officeworks in Australia etc).

You CANNOT print files as photos at a photo lab (they are not JPG or photo file types) or at online photo print shops.

  See my Printing Tips for recommended printers and other helpful printing info.

All designs are formatted to print on US Letter (8.5 x 11 inches) paper, but they also print out perfectly on A4 paper.

I recommend printing on a heavyweight Matte Photo Paper (for brighter colors and graphics) or Cardstock.


After printing, trim/cut out your Spy Party Printables using scissors, a craft knife or paper trimmer. Some designs may need assembling.

  See my very useful Handy Craft Supplies page for additional information on tools and supplies that you might need.

Here are other tips & tutorials to help you assemble your printables:
How to email out your Invitations
Creating Cupcake Toppers
Cheaply waterproof your Water Bottle Labels

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