Printable Basketball Scoreboard & Signs – New templates!

My Basketball Party Printables range has been updated to include a Printable Basketball Scoreboard template & new larger signs as well.

Editable & Printable Basketball Scoreboard

Printable Basketball Scoreboard Template | Birthday Party Theme | Basketball Party Backdrop | Editable DIY Template | 36x48 inches | 24x36 inches | A0 | A1 | $4.50 via

This Printable Basketball Scoreboard template is a new design. As it comes in large sizes, it will have a big impact as a backdrop to your party or dessert table.

It comes in the following sizes:
– 24 x 36 inches + 36 x 48 inches (for USA customers)
– A1 size + A0 size (for Australia, England or Asia).

This Scoreboard is editable, which means that you can type in your own text at home using Adobe Reader.

Choose the size you need then customize it with your own Title, Scores/Baskets, Fouls and Player Number etc. Even the headings can be changed!

After you have saved your customized text, take it to your local copy shop for printing.

Often the cheapest way to print these large backdrops is a a color Engineering Print for around $12 (note that some copy shops have a minimum white space requirement to print files as color engineering prints, so make sure to check this at your local copy shop first). You can also print these larger templates as poster prints.

Editable & Printable Basketball Signs

Basketball Party Signs | Party Decorations | Editable & Printable DIY Template | Tabloid / Ledger 11x17 inches | A3 | $4.00 via

These Printable Basketball Signs are also a new design and come in the following sizes:
– 11 x 17 inches (for USA customers)
– A3 size (for Australia, England or Asia).

Both signs have editable text, so you can customize them with your own sign text & number/age then take them to your local copy shop for printing on 11 x 17 inch or A3 paper.

As you change the text yourself, if you need more Signs you simply edit and reprint as many times as you like!

Full Basketball Party Printables Collection

Don’t forget to checkout my full Basketball Party Printables collection too!

Full collection of Black and Orange Basketball Printables Invitations Decorations | Birthday Party Theme | Editable Templates | INSTANT DOWNLOAD $12.50 via

It now includes the new printable Basketball Scoreboard template & large Signs and represents a HUGE saving on buying the templates individually. This is your best value deal for Basketball printables.

Want to see more before purchasing?

See all Basketball Templates (in many different colors) HERE IN THE SHOP!

Please note templates CANNOT be edited for fonts, colors, sizes, graphics or backgrounds in any graphic design program. Templates will ONLY work in Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop (not in any other program or on a mobile device).

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