Slime Theme Birthday Party Printable Templates

Slime is a hot party theme for all primary or elementary aged kids. I know my 10 year old cannot get enough of it! My Slime Theme Birthday Party Printables (in either green or pink) include a full collection of editable templates that will take the stress out hosting a Slime birthday party.

All the hard work has already been done for you – you simple type in your own text into the templates, print & cut.

1. Green Slime Theme Birthday Party Printables

Slime Theme Birthday Party Printables, Invitations & Decorations - Slime Theme Birthday Party - Editable & Printable DIY templates - INSTANT DOWNLOAD via

2. Pink Slime Theme Birthday Party Printables

Slime Theme Birthday Party Printables, Invitations & Decorations - Slime Theme Party - Editable & Printable DIY templates - INSTANT DOWNLOAD via

Editable Text

Each slime template has an editable text feature. This means that you highlight my existing sample text, and then just type in your own wording. Completely customize the wording to suit your party easily at home.

All you need is the free Adobe Reader program on your computer or laptop. Most computers already have it installed but you can also download it for free quickly and easily from here:

Slime Theme Birthday Party Invitations

I have 2 types of Invitations in the slime theme: a 3×7.5 inch Ticket Invitation (3 per page) AND a regular 5×7 inch Invitation (2 per page). You can choose which format you want to use.

Printable Slime Invitation Templates - Slime Theme Invites - Editable DIY Templates

All text on both invitations is editable. Running short on time? Just type in the name, age and party details and press print.

However, if you want a more customized invite, you can change my other sample wording to your own too. For example, “It’s time to Slime” on the 5×7 invite can be changed to something else, or change the headings on the ticket to other wording. You can even change the barcode too!

Don’t want to print the invites, but email them (or upload to Social Media) instead? I have you sorted – See how here.

Slime Theme Birthday Party VIP Passes

Get the kids excited with their very own Slime VIP Pass.

Printable Slime Birthday Party VIP Passes - Editable DIY Templates

There are 8 VIP passes per page and you personalize them by typing in a different guest’s name into each one. Have more than 8 guests? Simply change the names and reprint the page as many times as you need.

Each VIP Pass fits a standard vertical ID Badge from your local Copy Shop (or even Walmart here or here). But for a cheaper DIY option, you can also laminate, holepunch and thread a ribbon through each pass.

Slime Theme Birthday Party Decorations

Decorating your Slime theme birthday party has never been easier than with these printable decorations.

Printable Slime Birthday Party Decorations | Slime Signs | Slime Welcome Signs | Slime Pennant Banner | Editable DIY Templates

Slime Pennant Banner

For a quick no-fuss option, print out the “Happy Birthday!” banner immediately. If you have more time you can use the editable letter panels to change the letters and print out your own customer banner message.

Each letter panel is 5×7 inches and there are 2 on each page. After printing cut out each panel, holepunch both top corners and string together with ribbon or twine.

Welcome Signs

Welcome guests with these Welcome Signs that come in 3 sizes – regular US Letter size (or A4) + the bonus larger sizes: 11×17 inch and 24×36 inch.

Choose which size you need, personalize and print. Australian customers are looked after too with the bonus signs available in A3 & A1 sizes too.

Party Signs

Edit and print these Slime Party Signs as many times as you like. Use for games, favor tables, dessert tables or wherever you need them!

These Party signs are formatted to print at regular US Letter 8.5×11 inch (or A4) size.

Slime Theme Birthday Party Food Decorations & Ideas

Each collection includes different decorations to make your slime themed food stand out.

Slime Theme Birthday Party Food Ideas & Decorations | Editable & Printable Templates | Water Bottle Labels, Food Labels, Place Cards, Candy Bar Wrappers

Water Bottle Labels

Dress up your water bottles with these 2 x 8.5 inch Water Bottle Labels. There are 5 labels per page.

Simply remove the existing wrappers on small individual water bottles and replace them with these ones. You can type in your own slime themed name for water, or customize them with each guest’s name.

If you plan on getting your labels wet see a cheap way to waterproof your labels or buy full-sheet water resistant labels.

Food Labels or Place Cards

Editable food labels are great for last minute food prep! Each label is 3¼ x 1¾ inches once cut & folded and there are 6 labels per page. Need more than 6? Just change the food names and reprint the page as many times as you like.

Type in guest names and you can use them as Place Cards too

Candy Bar Wrappers

Tie your Hersheys 1.55oz Candy Bars into the Slime theme by wrapping them with these Candy Bar Wrappers. Personalize the text on the front of each wrapper (a “Happy Birthday Name” message works well here), and then type in your own Nutrition Facts on the back too (if short on time you can just leave my sample Nutrition Facts too).

Slime Theme Birthday Party Favors Tags & Thank You Notes

Sending home your party favors or thank you’s is easy with these 2 templates.

Slime Theme Birthday Party Favor Tags & Thank You Cards | Editable & Printable DIY Templates

Favor Tags

There are 8 editable favor tags per page – each one is 2¼ x 3½ inches.

Type in your name and attach to your party favors for that personalized touch. As all text is editable, you can change my sample message too if you like.

Thank You Notes

The Thank You Notes are sized 4×6 inches and come with 2 per page. You type in your thank you wording before printing.

Slime Theme Party Favors

Or use these party tags to attach to a tub of slime to use as party favors.

Slime theme birthday party favors  - party tags

Each tag is sized 3.5 x 3.35 inches – the perfect size for a large tub of slime!

Personalize each of the 6 tags on the page with any wording you like. The included instructions will tell you how to change the text size if you want to make it bigger (or smaller) too.

Print these tags on full-sheet sticker/label paper and cut out after printing.

There are more templates included in the Slime Theme birthday party printables too!


  1. Full Instructions
  2. Slime Party Ticket Invitations (3×7.5 inches)
  3. Slime Party Invitations (Alternate design – 5×7 inches)
  4. VIP Passes (personalize one with each Guest’s name)
  5. Thank You Notes (4×6 inches)
  6. Favor Tags / Thank You Tags
  7. Food Labels, folding (or use as Placecards)
  8. Snack Boxes (2 sizes)
  9. Small Water Bottle Labels (or use as Napkin or Treat wraps)
  10. Party Tags (3.5 x 3.35 inches)
  11. Candy/Chocolate Bar Wrappers (fits Hersheys 1.55oz bars)
  12. Welcome Sign (11×8.5 inches – full sheet)
  13. Party Signs (11×8.5 inches – full sheet)
  14. Birthday Banner (‘Happy Birthday’ or print your own message!)
  15. Treat Bag Toppers (4 inch wide)


  1. Welcome Sign – Editable (11×17 inches & A3)
  2. Welcome Sign – Editable (24×36 inches & A1)

Want to see more before purchasing? See all my Slime Themed Printables HERE IN THE SHOP!

Please note templates CANNOT be edited for color, size, graphics or backgrounds in any graphic design program. Templates will ONLY work in Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop (not on a mobile device).

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