Spy Secret Agent Party Printables, Invitations & Decorations – purple

Purple Secret Agent Birthday Party Printables, Invitations & Decorations | Spy Theme | Secret Codes & Ciphers | Editable templates | INSTANT DOWNLOAD via SIMONEmadeit.com

Instantly download this purple Spy or Secret Agent Birthday Party Printables, Invitations & Decorations template package. It’s perfect for your girls spy theme birthday party!

This is a huge collection of printable templates with top secret stamps, magnifying glasses & fedora graphics.

There are almost 40 templates included in this spy theme bundle! Including 5×7 invites (personalize one for each guest with their name, codename and your own secret password), secret agent ID badges, fingerprinting cards, background & training checklists and documents, clue cards, truth serum labels, plus loads of other printables to help make your birthday mission and/or secret agent training games and activities a success.

You easily personalize each template at home using the editable text feature. Just open them in the free Adobe Reader and type over my sample text.

Because all of the text is editable, you can customize the wording to suit your own party. Edit & print each template as many times as you like.

Download links to the purple Spy Secret Agent Party Printables will be emailed directly to your inbox.


  1. Full Instructions
  2. Spy Party Invitation Suite (5×7 inches) – includes:
    • Invites – type in your own secret password and personalize for each guest with their own name & codename
    • Password Cipher – to decode the invitation secret password
    • Secret Handshake Card – for guests to learn and use to gain entry to your party headquarters
  3. Fingerprint Card (5×7 inches)
  4. Address Labels
  5. UPDATED! ID Badges – with spy silhouette (3.4×2.2 inches)
  6. UPDATED! ID Badges – upload your own photos (3.4×2.2 inches)
  7. Favor Tags
  8. Thank You Cards (4×6 inches)
  9. Suspect Cards – 8 different suspect silhouettes (5×7 inches)
  10. Agent Checklist (8.5×11 inches)
  11. Background Check – with security questions (8.5×11)
  12. Training Checklist type your own activities (8.5×11)
  13. Mission Document – type in your own mission (8.5×11)
  14. Clue Cards – type in your own clues (3.5×5 inches)
  15. Evidence Tags (3.5×3.35 inches)
  16. 2 inch Party Circles – use as Cupcake Toppers + more
  17. Top Secret Labels (4×1 inches)
  18. Cupcake Wrappers
  19. Food Labels, folding – or use as Place Cards
  20. Truth Serum Water Bottle Labels (8.5×2 inches)
  21. Editable Water Bottle Labels (8.5×2 inches) – or Napkin/Treat Wraps
  22. Candy Bar Wrappers – fits Hershey’s® 1.55oz Milk Chocolate bars
  23. Party Tags – ID Badge size (3.4 x 2.2 inches)
  24. Table Signs (4×6 inches)
  25. Table Signs (5×7 inches)
  26. Welcome/Party Signs (11×8.5 inches)
  27. Warning/Wanted Poster (11 x 8.5 inches)
  28. Handprint Scan Sign (11 x 8.5 inches)
  29. Top Secret Signs
  30. Happy Birthday Pennant Banner
  31. Custom Pennant Banner (print off your own message)
  32. Mustache cut-outs for photo booth props or decoration
  33. 4 inch Treat Bag Toppers
  34. 6 inch Treat Bag Toppers
  35. Patterned papers


  1. Type your own text Signs – Editable (11×17 inches & A3)
  2. “Welcome to Secret Agent Headquarters” – Non-editable (36×48 inches & A0)
  3. “Secret Agents Only – Restricted Access” – Non-editable (36×48 inches & A0)
  4. Mugshot Backdrop – Non-editable (36×48 inches & A0)


Download your purple Spy Secret Agent Party Printables templates immediately after your payment has been processed.

Open them in Adobe Reader and simply type over my sample text. Templates ONLY work in the FREE Adobe Reader on your laptop or computer, not in any other program (or on your mobile device).

Print as many times as you like on your home color printer (or at your local copy shop) on US Letter or A4 sized bright white Cardstock. See my recommended copy shops and printing tips. Bonus large signs will need to be printed at a copy shop.

Trim/cut out your purple Spy Secret Agent Party Printables on the provided cut lines using scissors, a craft knife or paper trimmer. Some designs may need assembling.



Adobe Reader (the latest version is called Adobe Acrobat Reader DC) – templates will only work in this FREE download from: https://get.adobe.com/reader/


YES – type directly over my sample wording using Adobe Reader


NO – templates are locked. Graphics, colors, sizes, fonts or backgrounds cannot be changed


Editable PDF


YES – fonts are already embedded in the file


NO – these are printable files


Regular Templates: US Letter (8.5 x 11 inches) or A4
Bonus Large Signs: 11×17 inches, 36×48 inches, A3, or A0


110lb (300gsm) bright white Cardstock (or the thickest your printer can handle) is perfect for most designs


NO – templates will not work on your mobile device or in an App. Edit using the full Adobe Reader program on your laptop or computer only


YES – email or save to a USB and take to your local copy shop.


NO – these are PDF files, not JPG or photo files

Still have questions? See my FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page


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Secret Agent Badge Template | Printable Spy Badge | ID Card | Birthday Party Favors | DIY Editable Text | INSTANT DOWNLOAD $3.50 via SIMONEmadeit.com

Spy Party Badge

This was a HUGE hit for our kid’s spy-themed party! Easy to customize and, when laminated, looked like a real badge. Highly recommend!

Emily F
Hurst, Texas

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Secret Codes & Ciphers

Super fun puzzles to figure out for a spy-themed party! Made the planning of it all much easier and enjoyable. We made specific clues tailored to our little “spy” and her guests all worked together to solve the mystery. Would definitely recommend!

Emily F
Hurst, Texas

Spy Party Printables, Invitations & Decorations | Secret Agent Theme | Birthday Party | Secret Codes & Ciphers | Editable templates | INSTANT DOWNLOAD via SIMONEmadeit.com

Spy Party Printables

This package made my son’s 6th birthday party easy to plan! It was simple to use/add text to the PDFs, and there were lots of clever ideas and extras. I only ended up using about a quarter of the available templates, and it was still worth every penny!

Joy C
Lansing, Missouri

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