Fortune Teller for your Carnival Party – DIY Tutorial

Fortune Tellers are a must at any Carnival. Create your own unique Fortune Teller booth with this simple and easy Fortune Teller printable template that is included in my Carnival Printable Collection.

You can personalize all of the fortunes yourself, print off, prefold and have them ready at your Fortune Teller booth for your Clairvoyant to use! Or even send them home as party favors!

First you will need to purchase and download my Carnival Printable Collection. Once you have downloaded the file, open the Fortune Teller file in Adobe Reader and start personalizing ~ the following video shows you how easy it is!

You can create, personalize and print off as many of these Fortune Tellers as you like ~ go crazy with your predictions 🙂

Carnival fortune teller

Once you have printed the page, trim out the Fortune Teller with scissors or a paper trimmer so you have just the square.

Carnival Fortune Teller tutorial

Turn the square over so the design is facing down. Fold each corner point into the center (do NOT unfold).

Carnival Fortune Teller

Your Fortune Teller will look like this after you have folded all 4 corners into the middle.

Carnival Fortune Teller

Now, flip your paper over and fold all four of these corners into the center (again, do NOT unfold!).

Carnival Fortune Teller

You will now have a much smaller square!

Carnival Fortune Teller

Fold this smaller square in half and crease firmly. Unfold. Then fold it in half the other way. Unfold again.

Carnival Fortune Teller

Stick your thumbs and pointing fingers under the red flaps into the four pockets. There you have your Fortune Teller!

Carnival Fortune Teller

To play:

  1. Open & close your fingers (up, out, up, out etc) for each letter of your name
  2. Then choose one of the numbers that you see
  3. Open & close your fingers that many times
  4. Then choose which future you would like to reveal
  5. Open the flap and discover your future!

carnival fortune teller

Planning on sending home the fortune tellers as party favors? My Carnival Printable Collection also includes a Fortune Teller holder!

Simply slide the pre-folded Fortune Teller in the slits and you have an easy party favor!

carnival fortune teller holder

The instructions on how to use the Fortune Teller are revealed once the Fortune Teller is removed from the holder too!

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